Health and Medical tourism is a broader term for travel that focuses on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services in another country other than the home country. Nowadays, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps on developing and covers a wide scope of health-oriented tourism. Some services under health tourism range from preventive and health-conductive treatment to rehabilitation and remedial forms of travel.

Medical Tourism

The extent and popularity of medical tourism worldwide is the measure of assets which nations around the globe are putting into attracting the therapeutic traveler by offering great, minimal effort, specific attention with attendant and affability benefits. It is a vital piece of a developing passion of medicinal travel companies in different nations around the globe willing to draw in and suit reviving travelers. As a result, there has been a developing worry for the formation of expert norms intended to ensure the quality and security of patient attention and the different business openings that are accessible in this new kind of travel industry.

Medical tourism in Pakistan is still seen as an undiscovered market that could be transformed into an immense chance of growth for medical tourism facilitators if the government focuses on it. Pakistan has huge potential in turning itself into a center point of the medical travel industry. It is equivalent to numerous different nations in its neighborhoods, as per experts. It also offers many of these health services at lower prices than any other nation around the globe. It has been arranging potential travel services for some medicinal health and care trials.

There are many medical tourism companies in Pakistan that exist in some of its major cities, including Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. The health care facilities in these cities are completely equipped and fortified with the most recent medical technologies. These cities also play an important role as one of the major medical destinations in Pakistan. Many specialists and doctors in Pakistan are foreign qualified and are as perfect as the one qualified from a high-class medical institute anywhere in the world.

The health care system in Pakistan is considered as one of the finest services in the world, where a number of patients from neighboring countries travel to Pakistan for their treatment. People from the Middle East, United Kingdom, and the United States also travel to Pakistan to seek a range of treatments which they cannot otherwise access in their respective countries due to higher expenses. Some common treatments that these patients seek include cardiac surgery, infertility treatments, and cosmetic surgery.

Pakistan’s initial services in the medical travel industry have been emphatically dependent on an organ transplant. Previously, patients from around the world made a trip to Pakistan for kidney transplants. Likewise, Pakistan has been a low-cost medical travel destination for crucial treatments like (IVF) and infertility. There are many people from abroad who travel for IVF in Pakistan because of the less expensive options available here. In 1998, there were scarcely three IVF cases in Pakistan and now the number has developed towards many more.

Holistic Healthcare (Pvt.) Limited has formed an alliance with MediGence to make medical tourism a reality in Pakistan. We provide patient-focused assistance and this alliance allows us to provide medical assistance to patients in over 200+ hospitals worldwide in more than 10 countries, including India, Dubai, Thailand, Turkey, Hungary, Singapore, South Korea, and Israel. Give us a call today at 0300 8466333 to know more about how we can be of assistance or fill out the medical tourism enquiry form to send an enquiry.

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