Role of Nurses in Patient Care Service

The basic and primary role of a nurse is to take care of patients and support them through their illness. Nurses are always on the go and on the front-line panel to assist doctors and to provide them with information regarding the patient. Nurses also provide excellent patient care service to elderly individuals.

One of the basic roles of nurses is the patient care service which they provide. It is the primary duty of a nurse. They assess the situation of the patients, observe them and devise a plan for the doctors to carry out which would help them.

Another important thing that the nurses are responsible for is patient education. Nurses are available to advise patients on what is better for them. After surgery or diagnosis, it is the nurses who help the patients in dealing with any after-effects. Let us have a look at the role of a nurse in patient care service.

Patient Advocacy

A patient should be the number one priority of the nurse. The role of a nurse is to advocate the patient and tell him the best advice which he or she wouldn’t hear from anyone else. It is the role of the nurse to maintain the dignity and respect of the patient and provide them suggestions about their wellbeing.

Patient care service is extremely important as it is the nurses who can guide patients in the best way possible.

Planning care

A nurse is personally and directly involved in all matters related to the patient. It is essential that nurses should be able to make the right decisions when assessing patients and identifying their problems.

Apart from this, nurses should also be able to notify and coordinate with the doctors on a professional level. This is because nurses are most familiar with the situation of the patient at an individual level.

Patient education and support

Going to the doctor not only involves visiting physically to get medicines and get back home but it is much more than this. It is the role of the nurses to educate the patient about their illnesses as well as their health. This should be done to the best of their ability.

This support also matters the most when the patient has been discharged from the hospital after their surgery or treatment. That time is extremely crucial as well as difficult for patients when support is most required.

A nurse should have the patience to explain the patient as well as his family members about what to do next, how to take care of their health and the next steps to take into consideration as well. It is also the role of the nurse to make sure that the patient is relaxed and is aware of where to get additional support if it is needed.

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