In this age of working parents and nuclear families, it is essential to get good care for babies. With baby day care facility, rest assured your baby is in safe hands which will let you work in peace too.

Our babysitters offer the following services:

• Develop, nurture and care for children at the costumer’s home

• Prepare formulas for infants and snacks for toddlers/children

• Bathe, dress and groom infants and children

• Arrange formulas and change diapers

• Teach basic language and math lessons

• Organize and take part in leisure activities such as games, crafts, comics, outings and exercise

• Discipline children in keeping up with the methods requested by the parents

• Maintain a clean and healthy environment inside the home

• Keep an eye on children’s activities during meals and rest periods, as told by parents

• Teach children regarding personal cleanliness and social interaction

• Keep records of everyday activities and health information about each child

• Take care of the emotional comfort of children

• Observe children’s behavior and arrange reports for parents and babysitting agency

• Perform light housekeeping and errands running tasks

• Handle basic ground-keeping and pet care duties

If you need a babysitter who can look after your child while you are away from home, give us a call at 0300 8466333

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