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Holistic Healthcare Services is known for providing quality nurses who offer unmatched services to our clients. We have a reputation in the market for our excellent level of services. Customer satisfaction is our sole motto and we strive hard to consistently improve our quality of services to match the needs of our clients.

We proudly inform you that we have experienced, trained, and qualified nurses that are available to assist and take care of your loved ones. Moreover, we offer a variety of services in the comfort of your home and promise quality. We aim to increase the patient’s quality of life and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

Experienced and Qualified Nursing Staff

We provide reliable and well-experienced nursing staff catering to a wide variety of needs of our clients. Our nurses are knowledgeable and compassionate who attend to clients with great patient care and amazing hospitality. To ensure our clients receive the best services, we train our nurses from time to time so they provide quality health care and nursing care.

Male Nurses

Holistic Healthcare Services has been providing professional and experienced male nurses to our clients. All of our male nurses are skilled and well-trained. We only offer reliable and trustworthy staff to ensure your security.

Female Nurses

Our female nurses are qualified and experienced. They are there to help clients with their day-to-day tasks and to properly take care of their loved ones. With unmatched skills and compassion, we have trained female nurses who play a vital role in patient care.

Our male and female nurses can:

  • Administer oral medication
  • Assist in ambulation (moving the patient around)
  • Manage feeding tubes
  • Manage cleaning, grooming, bathing, and feeding of the patient
  • Manage patients for 12 or 24 hours
  • Monitor vitals of the patient

Senior Staff Nurses

Our senior staff nurses are responsible for ensuring that our patients are provided a safe, effective, and efficient care environment. They are here to assess, treat and educate clients as well as patients. Moreover, they will observe minute details and prepare according to the needs requirements of the patient and will inform the concerned doctor about the patient’s recovery.

Registered Nurse Attendants

Our trained nurses are typically involved in a lot of tasks. They are responsible for helping patients with basic functions such as bathing, wound dressing, exercises, companionship, and feeding. Apart from that, our nurses also help patients get in and out of bed, accompany them for walks, help them walk or get into their wheelchairs and help patients with their hygiene needs.

Besides basic functions, our trained nurses will also help the patients with proper medication, and assist in recording and monitoring their health condition, ensuring that their nutritional and hydration needs are fulfilled. Also, they immediately report any changes in the patient’s physical and mental conditions to the family members and the medical team. Our professionally trained nursing attendants have hands-on work experience in a wide array of care setups.

Advantages of Home Nursing Services

Home nursing services provided by the nurses at Holistic Healthcare Services hold many advantages. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  • They allow the patients to check out early from the hospital and continue their treatment at home in their comfort with their family around.
  • All the nurses at Holistic Healthcare are knowledgeable, professional, and experienced, hence facilitating a better and faster recovery process.
  • The care and compassion provided by our nurses boost the mental condition of the patients.
  • Regular and one-to-one attention by a nurse helps the patient get more personal care when compared to a hospital setting.
  • It cuts down the need to travel to and from the hospital or clinic thereby saving patients from unnecessary discomfort.
  • It helps patients save time and money thus making it cost-effective.

For more details regarding our nursing services, give us a call at UAN # 03 111 678 679 and we will be happy to arrange a male or female nurse for your loved one. The nurse will take care of them at the comfort of their home.

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