At Holistic Healthcare (Pvt) Limited, we provide home nursing services, caregiver services, rehabilitation and physiotherapy services, babysitters and speech therapy services. We provide home health care service to patients and elderly people in Lahore and Islamabad. Call 0300 8466333


» Home Nursing Services

We provide certified and skilled nursing care services at home for patients who are recovering after being discharged from the hospital after any medical or surgical procedure.


» Caregiving Services

Our male and female caregivers provide medical and non-medical care to elderly people, patients, and compromised individuals to maintain their quality of life and well-being.


» Rehabilitation Services

Physiotherapy helps the elderly and immobilized persons to retain freedom of mobility with ease by having regular physio sessions daily or on a periodical basis as per patient condition.


» Babysitter’s Services

Our babysitters help with the development, nurturing and care of your child at the comfort of your home while you have to be away for work or for leisure.


» Speech Therapy Services

We have experts in speech therapy for patients with communication, eating and swallowing problems due to any disability, cognitive impairment, speech and language impairments.


» Elderly Care Services

The staff at Holistic Healthcare (Pvt.) Limited is trained to establish a bond to provide quality senior and elderly care services to senior citizens at the comfort of their home.


» Disabled Care Services

Caring for someone with a disability is challenging and it can become even more challenging with the passage of time as the needs of a disabled person change over time.


» Patient Care Services

We provide home patient care services to patients and elderly people at the comfort of your home with our team of nurses, patient attendants, caregivers, and more.


Call 0300 8466333 to know more about our services.

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