Holistic Healthcare (Pvt.) Limited is proud to offer psychotherapy services to patients at their homes. We are a certified firm offering healthcare services for more than a decade now. We have a specialized team of psychotherapists who are highly educated and know every minutest detail that needs to be taken care of while doing a session with our patients.

Over the years, we have built a trusting relationship with our clients and patients, where we work hard to give our maximum to our patients in order to make them relive their lives and see the joys of their loved ones. Seeing your loved one losing their mind is not easy, but we feel your pain and try our best to ease your pain as well. We take the utmost care of your loved one so they might be able to look at things like other normal individuals do once again. We work for the betterment of society and we make sure that individuals living in our society can benefit from us as much as they can because that is what matters the most.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a conversational treatment or an approach to help individuals with a range of emotional problems and mental disorders. It helps in getting the mental situation and condition of a patient from worst to normal and also works wonders to help regain self-control of the patient. It is a healing service for an individual suffering from mental problems and a confused personality.

Psychotherapy services can be taken for short term or long term, depending on the mental condition of the patient.

What are the benefits of getting Psychotherapy services?

The foremost benefit of getting psychotherapy service is that it helps patients in regaining their confidence and they begin to love their life again, just like normal individuals do. It is also seen that those patients who are taking psychotherapy services are emotionally and behavior-wise much more stable than those not taking such services.

Psychotherapy services impact positively on the patient’s brain. If the sessions are taken on a regular basis or as per the doctor’s advice, the best results are seen. This is coupled with the fact that medication prescribed by a therapist is taken on time without delay. It also helps in decreasing their medical problems.

It is also observed that psychotherapy is more beneficial if done with a combination of proper medication, regular walk or exercise, and an appropriate diet plan.

How can we help?

Holistic Healthcare (Pvt.) Limited provides one of the best psychotherapy services in Lahore. Our highly skilled therapists make sure that all the psychotherapy treatments are done with love and care. Their smartness in their work and commitment to make their patients a better person is the aim of our team. We give special attention to every one of our patients and try to satisfy as much as we can and that is what makes us the best in town.

Some of the therapies that we offer to our patients in Lahore are:

  • Psychological therapy
  • Supportive therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Integrative therapy

All these therapies are administrated under the skills of our highly accomplished psychotherapists and each session is done on one on one basis. We treat all our patients equally regardless of their color, creed, and caste. The timings of our sessions may vary according to the condition of the patient and availability, otherwise, they are offered on a per session basis.

Psychotherapy Sessions can be taken daily and they usually last 1 hour per session.

Contact us for Psychotherapy services in Lahore

Call UAN # 03-111-678-679 for more information and queries about psychotherapy services being offered in Lahore. Hire a clinical psychotherapist from Holistic Healthcare (Pvt.) Limited and see the change in your loved one both mentally as well as physically.

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