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Holistic Healthcare Services offer home-based mental health services in the comfort of your home. These Private Professional Counseling experts have licensed psychologists or licensed clinical social work providers. Undoubtedly, these therapists help to gain psychotherapy services control over life. Indeed, such help trains you to cope well with stressors, feeling less independent, anxious, and depressed. Moreover, it makes this world a happy place to live – physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Comfortable & Economical Private Consultation

Home-Based Psychotherapy services respect your privacy and comfort. Correspondingly, it is as effective as the care in a hospital or any skilled facility. Moreover, these services are covered in insurance plans. In other words, there will be little to no out-of-pocket cost for the treatment. With that said, the therapists will meet you regularly and propose the most appropriate treatment plan. In the meantime, they will help you structure your goals and make you feel secure about your future.

At Home Mental Health & Wellbeing Services

We are a dedicated healthcare service provider serving in Pakistan. Hence, we aim to help people achieve an optimal functioning level. Our professional psychotherapist works collaboratively with professional healthcare service providers in all parts of Pakistan. Additionally, you will get dedicated support and counseling for depression and anxiety. 

When do you need our Psychotherapy Services?

Our experts use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. The aim is to teach the residents to examine and understand their negative thought patterns. Therefore, they will guide you on how something leads to emotional distress and behavioral conflicts. In the meantime, they will promote the thought of being reasonable and nurturing beliefs. They implement the ideal with healthy feelings and actions.

The in-house consultant psychiatrist for adults and teenagers will also teach coping skills and strategies. In like manner, these skills can help individuals feel in control of their lives. Likewise, behavior therapy helps in the identification and reduction of harmful patterns of mind.

We know there are times and reasons when reaching out for support can be challenging. Precisely when you feel alone, unsure, and lack trust in the people around you. These are times when you feel alone and helpless to solve your issues and do not want to step out of your haven- the home.

We work with specialized doctors and psychiatrist from different areas of psychotherapy. In the same fashion, we help you by using various assessment tools. The aim is to guide you throughout the treatment to reach the desired goals. Therefore, you can hire our services for:

Why choose our psychotherapy services?

We are a team of dedicated psychologists that provide confidential and affordable private psychological therapy. Currently, we are offering services to adults, children, adolescents, and couples. Hence, reach us to book a private consultant psychiatrist at home in Pakistan.

Our expert counsel for depression, sadness, general unhappiness with anger, and aggression management. In the meantime, they will help you to deal with panic attacks. Otherwise, if you need help to overcome school and professional life issues. Meanwhile, we can help to overcome phobias, improve body image and self-esteem, all these treatments will help you grow as a confident and productive individual in society. Our services include the following:

Psychiatry services

We Provide Care

We help you deal with your phobias and mental illness like bipolar disorders. Additionally, you will talk to the expert about everyday problems like trouble coping with the stress of day to day life.

Psychotherapy services

We Provide Care

Is your growing kid or any other grown-up family member dealing with mental, emotional or personality issues? If so, reach us for diagnosis and treatment.

Child and adolescent treatment

We Provide Care

In such cases, the therapist will choose the traditional form of therapy, commonly referred to as talk therapy. Indeed, they are best for children to help them confidently socialize and express themselves.

Occupational therapy

We Provide Care

Our occupational therapy services will support the adults to develop the necessary skill to learn, live, work, and play independently, leading to a quality life.

Couple and family therapy services

We Provide Care

With our professional couple therapies, you can recover from bumps in the road without compromising your personal or family privacy.

Anxiety & depression therapy

We Provide Care

Our experts offer dedicated services and private sessions to overcome panic attacks, depression and anxiety with medication help if required.

Frequently Asked Question!

What is a good psychotherapist?

A good and reliable psychotherapist will always possess sophisticated interpersonal skills. Plus, they will develop a sense of trust in the patient. As a result, the patient will feel comfortable talking and sharing thoughts or feelings. Such a professional will always be willing to establish an alliance with you. Moreover, the best mind counseling professionals will be able to explain the symptoms. They can work on the given explanation as the situation changes with treatment and time.

How can I do psychotherapy at home?

You can start by considering what you want to achieve in your life the most. Or by understanding different aspects of your problem or goal. During the process, you will also need to study and analyze your feelings. Never forget to review your behavior or reactions to different aspects of life. Also, explore the patterns and approach of your beliefs, thoughts, or self-talk. After that, focus on challenging your irrational thoughts and internal dialogues. It will help you to overcome the problem.

Therefore, you will need our professional counseling services in Pakistan. We can help you with personal and emotional issues or juvenile delinquency. This is otherwise known as a  coping mechanism for unhealthy behaviors. At the same time, we offer help with family issues, including conflict management. Other services include development issues or post-brain injury therapies; marriage counseling. Also, you can reach us for intensive psychiatric care with residential treatment facilities for people of all ages.

Will a psychiatrist prescribe medication on the first visit?

No, the psychiatrist will never recommend any medication after the first meeting with the patient. Our professionals work with leading psychiatrists and always discuss the case with the expert. The aim is to develop an impressive and comprehensive plan to treat the individual. However, only after the second session, they will recommend where to begin with. They might recommend some medication when and if needed. They will also advise you on medicine and other therapies to move forward in your life in a healthy way

Which services does a psychiatrist offer?

Our psychiatrist will offer you a range of services right inside your home. These services include co-parenting counseling, on-demand counseling; GCC counseling; Anxiety & Depression Therapy; or Couple and Family therapy. We also offer Speech and language therapies for adults and kids; Occupational therapy, and more. These services are intended to help you cope with minor and major psychiatric issues. Some to name are Stress; Anxiety; Low Self-Esteem; Anger; Relationships; Grief, trauma, or more.

How can a professional counseling psychotherapist help me fight stress?

Our therapists have years of in-field experience to deal with most prevailing issues like anxiety and stress. These professionals work with each individual to understand the significant stressors and the most confronting emotions. Therefore they will also work with the individual to identify the best coping mechanism. Later, they will develop an awareness to help you accept the significant stressors in your life. In the meantime, they will propose and implement treatments to deal with problems.

They will also help you with positive emotional support with specific medication and changes in lifestyle. This will include diet, sleeping habits, hobbies and more, to help you live a healthy life. Reach us now to book your therapist in Pakistan.

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