5 Best Physiotherapists in Lahore

Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to maintain physical and mental fitness. Many people opt for this method to relieve various kinds of body pains and stay healthy. Physiotherapy is more than just exercises and working out. It’s more of a therapy for both the mind and the body. People usually think that physiotherapy is hard labor work. However, in reality, it is nothing like that.

If you are suffering from back pain, your PHYSIOTHERAPISTS wouldn’t ask you to perform heavy weight lifting and work out until the pain gets relieved. Instead, they would suggest a steady plan including various movements and healthy exercises. However, people being afraid of physiotherapy often try to choose surgery instead, which can be really dangerous at times. Therefore, it is important to carefully select your consultant and physiotherapist.

There are many qualified PHYSIOTHERAPISTS in Pakistan, but finding an experienced one is not easy. Before we discuss a few significant physiotherapists, let us talk about the basis of physiotherapy and how is it useful.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a type of medical treatment that helps in maintaining, restoring, and reviving the proper body function, movement, and balance of a person. Experienced physiotherapists provide physiotherapy according to the needs and conditions of their patients. Physiotherapy can be provided to people of any age group. Many physiotherapists provide physiotherapy in their hospitals or clinics. However, some also offer physiotherapy services at home.

Physiotherapy at home can be very convenient for people. Especially those who have a disorder or severe injury. It can get very difficult for some people to continuously travel from home to a clinic every other day with a patient who has a serious problem.

Physiotherapy can be divided into four types according to the conditions it deals with.

Neurological physiotherapy: In this type of physiotherapy conditions that involve any disability or damage related to neurons, nerves, or the brain are dealt with. Example; paralysis, stroke.
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy: As the name suggests, this physiotherapy deals with the cases that involve damage, injury, or disorder in the joints, muscles, bone, or soft tissues. Example; broken limbs, fractures.
Geriatric physiotherapy: The aging adults who have conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis are dealt with in this type of physiotherapy
Pediatric physiotherapy: this type of physiotherapy is provided to children who have any sort of disabilities. Example; polio, rickets.

Applications Of Physiotherapy

The applications of physiotherapy are limitless. People all around the world avail the services of physiotherapists to enjoy a healthy life. Although it is preferred and recommended by many doctors that a person remains fit and involves themselves in physical activities now and then. However, any such condition that prohibits a person from having proper body movements without pain can be treated with physiotherapy.

There are various medical conditions that are not related to body functionality, but still tend to induce body pain or discomfort. Such conditions include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Mostly in such conditions, nutrients begin collecting on a particular spot or a joint, causing pain and discomfort in that area. Physiotherapy can help in relieving the pain of such sort.

Similarly, conditions like partial paralysis, stroke, injuries accidents, fractures, can all be treated with physiotherapy. Other than that, major conditions that require physiotherapy include herniated discs, asthma, sports injuries, etc. As mentioned above, physiotherapy is not necessary only under circumstances that involve an injury or a disorder. it can also be helpful in terms of leading a healthy life.

Top 5 Best Physiotherapists In Lahore

There are many PHYSIOTHERAPISTS who deserve recognition and admiration, however, to name a few 5 best physiotherapists in Lahore, Pakistan we have,


Lastly, one of the most experienced physiotherapists in Lahore is Dr. Waleed. Moreover, with an experience of 6 years, he has developed a remarkable reputation in the medical field of physical therapy.

Since he has an amazing experience span his specialties are to be listed elaborately. He has expertise in dealing with, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Neurological, And Spinal Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Exercises For Diabetes, Exercise For Fitness And Obesity, Pre And Post-Surgery Rehabilitation, Acute And Chronic Pain Management, Fracture And Amputation Rehabilitation, Movement Dysfunction, Spinal Disorders, Growing Pains, Ultra Sound Therapy and Advance Modalities.

Furthermore, his work skills make him stand out from all other physiotherapists. He works with an aim of treating his patients in the best possible way under a minimum time span.

Dr. Fatima Ch

Dr. Fatima Ch is one of the best physiotherapists in Pakistan. Not only that, but she also specializes in Pain medicine and is a Chiropractor. Her 4 years of experience in this field have helped her gain quite a remarkable reputation in this field.

Moreover, with her educational qualifications such as MS (orthopedic manual therapist) and DPT (physical therapist), she has a specialization in various aspects of physiotherapy. These include Calf pain, heel pain, critical pain, knee pain, difficulty in walking, and other similar aspects.

Most doctors in Lahore recommend her for her brilliant skills and expertise. Her clients are always content and satisfied with her amazing skills.

Dr. Zarqa Sharif

In the list of the 5 best physiotherapists in Lahore, Dr. Zarqa Sharif holds an important place. Her experience of 4 years in the field of physiotherapy makes her unique and a well-trained professional.

She has a specialization in treating various disorders and injuries. Her top-most specialties include Muscular Disorder, Joints Pain, Stroke Rehabilitation, Growing Pains, Postural Alignment, Movement Dysfunction, Pre/Post-Operative Rehabilitation, Dry Needling, Sports Injuries, Geriatric Rehab, and Pre/Postnatal exe.

Her competent skills make her stand out in her profession. Moreover, her other qualities include being friendly and having a positive attitude towards her patients, which helps her patients undergo a faster recovery.

Dr. Zaqra Sharif is highly qualified with degrees like DPT (ANMC)(MPPTA), BCTP (MSK)(UK), ACTP (ISRS)(UK), PSCA(level-I, II), and K-T taping (LASHS)(UK).

Consequently, if you’re looking for a physiotherapist with the right medical qualifications and experience, you should definitely look up Dr. Zarqa Sharif.

Dr. Saba Saleem

Dr. Saba Saleem is one of the most efficient and most skilled physiotherapists in Lahore. her patients are always satisfied with her physiotherapy sessions and usually tend to recommend her name to others as well. Moreover, her 3 years of experience in this field have made her knowledgeable about all aspects of physiotherapy and contributed to her expertise.

Dr. Saba Saleem has a degree in DPT(UOSLC), which has helped her gain expertise in many aspects of physiotherapy. Her major skills include TKR(Total Knee Replacement), And  THR (Total Hip Replacement) Rehab, Soft Tissue Injuries, Tendons, Ligaments, Frozen Shoulders, Arthritis, Backache, Neck Pain, CP Child (Cerebral Palsy), Parkinson’s Rehab, Sciatica, Multiple Sclerosis, And Bell’s Palsy.

Furthermore, her excellent communication skills and her ability to be encouraging and empathetic have helped many patients recover with maximum results. Most people look for these qualities in a physiotherapist, and Dr. Saba Saleem has a skill for all of them.

Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain

Lastly, Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain is another one of the 5 best physiotherapists in Lahore. He has been practicing this profession for nearly 3.5 years now. His expert skills in various types of physiotherapy have increased his value in this field.

Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain has expertise in nearly all aspects of physical therapy.  Including, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Geriatric Rehabilitation, Stroke Rehabilitation, Pre/post Operative Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain Management, Postural Alignments, Joint Pains, Movement Dysfunction, Spinal Disorders, Sports Injuries, Growing Pains, Ultra Sound Therapy and Advance Modalities.

Similarly, if we talk about his work skills, he has quite a few remarkable qualities. Including his affirmative behavior and problem-solving skills, he always seems to find a solution to the problems of his patients.

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