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How to take care of a Bedridden Loved One?

Taking care of a family member who is bedridden means assisting them at home as they go through different treatments. Whatever disease the person may be suffering from, some tips for disabled care are given in this article.

Promote Good Grooming and Basic Hygiene

Some of the obvious things that can be done to help any bedridden patient are promoting their needs for basic hygiene and good grooming. These include:

  • Helping them take a bath
  • Looking after their dental health
  • Changing their clothing
  • Cutting fingernails and toenails
  • Giving them haircuts and shaving

Taking care of their basic hygiene not only helps them stay healthy but also helps your bedridden family member to keep up their self-esteem and morale. According to an old saying, ‘looking good can help people feel better about themselves.’

Prevent Bedsores

Bedsores or pressure sores result from sitting or lying in a single position for very long periods of time. These are injuries to the skin and underlying tissues. Pressure on the parts of the body causes their skin to break apart or break down. All of this results in extreme pain and irritation in that area. In some cases, these bedsores become infectious and result in major complications that may shorten their lifespan. Consider following the given tips to prevent bedsores:

  • Encourage people to readjust themselves if they have the ability to move on their own. You can also reposition them by yourself.
  • Get the advice of a doctor or a nurse on the best ways to reposition your patient.
  • Regularly check common areas for bedsores like the heels, tailbone, ankles, and hips. The prognosis is more favorable when a bedsore is found sooner.

Change Bed Linens Regularly

Changing the bed sheets regularly makes a huge difference. This is because a bedridden person spends more time in bed than anywhere else. Their bedding can be spoiled by food, dirt, skin particles, bed baths, etc. Keep the following tips in mind about bed linens:

  • It is important that the bedsheets are changed every second or third day.
  • Do not use a set of bed linens that are not properly cleaned and laundered.
  • Make sure that the bedridden person is comfortable with the material of the bedsheets being used.
  • It is important to change blankets or comforters too. But you don’t need to change them as frequently as you need to change the bedsheets.

Ensure a Balanced Diet and Good Nutrition

The importance of a healthy diet is known to all. The need for a healthy diet increases even more in case of an ill or recovering person. Keep the following tips into consideration:

  • Consult a doctor, nurse, or nutritionist to get advice about the types of food and the nutritional supplements they can take.
  • Make sure you provide a balanced diet while keeping track of calories and nutrients.
  • Keep fresh water and healthy, sugar-free drinks for sipping throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Avoid foods that have the tendency to interact negatively with any prescribed medication.

Make the Environment Comfortable

The surroundings have a huge impact on someone’s emotional well-being. Make sure you craft a comfortable environment by following the following tips:

  • Ensure proper lighting within the room.
  • The passage to the bathroom should be easy and free of clutter.
  • Keep a bedside table that can be easily reached with things like water, food, phone, or alarm on it.
  • The room should be airy that allows ventilation of fresh air.
  • Minimize the number of distractions as much as you can to ensure sound sleep.
  • Take time out for your loved ones and keep chatting with them from time to time. This will help improve their mental and emotional health.
  • Get advice from nursing home services for making the environment comfortable.

Handle the bedridden with Patience and Empathy

Caring for an ill loved one is very difficult. You may lose your temper even with the best intentions. In order to avoid this, follow these tips:

  • Make sure you understand the disease and the treatment that your loved one is going through.
  • Listen to what the ill person has to say and communicate to them your feelings as well. Understand each other’s needs and goals.
  • Do not expect things to work faster than they could. Trying to rush things will only result in frustration.
  • Be aware of your signs of fatigue and understand your own limits. Do not overburden yourself.

Seek Help Where it is required

Stay connected to your loved one’s medical team. You may need them to handle complications. Hire a professional caregiver from our disabled care services. Always seek professional care to ensure the best patient care.

You can contact Holistic Healthcare Services at 03 111 678 679 to know more about our disabled care services if you have a bedridden loved one at home who needs assistance.

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