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Holistic Healthcare Services provides caregiver services to patients in major cities of Punjab, including Bahawalpur. We started offering our services from the city of Lahore and have now expanded our services to Bahawalpur as well. These services include not only caregiver services in Bahawalpur but also home nursing services, patient care services, disabled care services, elderly care, and more.

Our trained staff excels in many ways and has gained a lot of expertise in handling all sorts of patients over the years. We not only deal with senior patients who require medical care but also assist patients in non-medical care as well. You will notice a lot of improvement in your loved ones after you hire our services.

What is Caregiving?

Caregiving means to look after patients who are facing any disease or illness, have a  mental or physical disability, or are too weak or old to function and look after themselves. We provide caregiving services to patients at competitive rates.

It depends upon the severity and condition of the patient as well as their disease as to what type of caregiving service you require. Our staff is capable of handling patients with great care and love.

What do we do?

Holistic Healthcare Services has both male and female nursing staff. Our shifts are available in two slots, 12-hour and 24-hour shifts as well. You can hire our services as you require for your patient. Some of our caregiving services include:

  • Bed making and room making
  • Personal hygiene, cleaning, shaving, bathroom visits
  • Feeding the patient
  • Providing companionship
  • Following the medical routine
  • Maintaining cleanliness
  • Providing support for body massage and helping to exercise
  • Taking the patient to attend social events
  • Being a friend to the patient
  • Caring for their needs

Get Caregiver Services in Bahawalpur

Family members may find it difficult to look after their loved ones along with other responsibilities. Apart from finding it hard, it can also be time-consuming as this kind of attention involves a lot of risks and only a professional can do the job.

Our staff is trained quite well and they know how to do their job. Our caregiving services are the best ones in town. Now that we have expanded to Bahawalpur, you should definitely hire our caregiving services.

How can we help with Caregiver Services in Bahawalpur?

Holistic Healthcare Services has a well-managed and trained staff that is known to provide the best services for a decade now. Browse around our website and find out about the great range of services that we provide to our patients.

If you get our caregiver services, you will notice a visible change in your patient’s health. Visit our services section to read about the amazing range of services we provide. Apart from this, if you want to know more about our caregiving services in Bahawalpur, then give us a call on UAN:03 111 678 679. You no longer need to worry about your loved ones, because they are now in safe hands!

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