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“Keeping your Loved one’s Closer!”

We all need help as a family member goes through a life-changing illness or age. To put it another way, they need a little more attention, care and help in their daily activities. With that said, they will need care in the simplest tasks, like showering, walking, or taking medication in time. In the meantime, such people are also prone to slipping or falling. Another point overlooked is that they lack energy and limited body movements. At such times, they will need dedicated elderly care or full-time nursing care at home. All these services also fall under the home nursing services category.

Holistic healthcare services provide care for all such people. By all means, it is a private nursing agency that offers the best caregiver services in Pakistan. It means that our services incorporate specialized care for patients of all needs and age. In particular, these professional services aim to offer regular supervision from expert nurses and doctors.

To enumerate, we offer dedicated, high-quality nursing and 24 hours care at home. All come with the help of certified staff and medical professionals. Therefore, no matter what part of Pakistan you belong to, we ensure that you are cared for.

24/7 Care with Hospital-Grade Services

We believe that nursing care is incomplete without compassion. Compassion is why most people choose us for in-home nursing care for the elderly. Here, you will get licensed nurses who will take care of your loved one’s right in front of your eyes. These professionals are trained to offer top-notch professional medical care for your beloved family members in your home. They strive to make them feel secure and comfortable. Plus, senior physicians and medical experts always supervise our nursing staff.

Moreover, these professionals offer both short and long-term nursing services. These include post-surgical care, elderly care at home, or nursing for kids with illness, mental or physical disabilities. Our nurses specialize in:

  • Oxygen Administration
  • IV/IM Therapy
  • Daily dose injections like Insulin
  • Tube Feeding Management
  • Catheterization
  • Post-surgery Treatments and Care
  • Disability Care Services

When do you need our Home Nursing Services?

We offer an opportunity to book nurses and therapists at home with just one call us UAN # 03 111 678 679. These trained nurses can serve individuals with any mental or physical disability, elderly care, post-surgery, or accident care right in your home. With this in mind, book a nurse on call to get the best private care in Pakistan. We are currently serving in cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore. By all means, we also specialize in treating semi-acute and chronic patients in their own homes.

All these home nursing services in Pakistan are available at the lowest rate. However, we never compromise on the performance of our professionals and offer services. With this in mind, can reach us if you need any help in the following cases:

  • Elderly care at home
  • Disability care service
  • Physician at home service
  • Private caregivers/aya
  • Medical treatment at home
  • Post accidental care
  • Critical care at home

Choose our Home Nursing Services

We take pride in owning the best, well-trained, and certified professional medical care staff. With our specialized nursing professionals, you can heal at home, away from the hospital’s crowd and stressful environment. To enumerate, we have more than 30,000 satisfied patients. Hence the most compelling evidence is that we own reliable staff. Our management, doctors, nurses, and caregivers are well experienced in tearing any patient.

Another key point is that we offer customized services and packages. Hence you can get quotes according to the needs of individual users and patients. Rest assured that we will serve you with prompt, affordable, high-quality, and highly personalized medical care at your doorstep. In like manner, you can reach us now to avail medical assistance in the environment of your choice. We can help in:

Nursing visit services for an array of treatments

Our at-home nursing professionals will offer you services like vital check and essential vaccination, nebulization, and blood sample collection or treatments like Sitz bath and Enema. They will also help your Hygiene care, Fetal and ECG monitoring, Bedsore dressing / Wound / Fistula, and post-operative wound dressing. In the meantime, you can also hire them for Ryles tube insertion & removal at home, Albumin transfusion, PICC line / central line dressing, or Foley catheter insertion

Daily life

We Provide Care

Get compassionate expert assistance in daily activities like dressing, bathing, personal grooming, feeding, medication, daily exercises or rehabilitation.

Professional assistance

We Provide Care

We take pride in working with the best professionals in the country. These professionals are well trained to offer high-quality home nursing care for every patient.

Round the clock services

We Provide Care

Our nursing staff serves around day and night. You can book these services as per your needs, including visiting nurses in Pakistan or for a 12 to 24 hours shift.

Customized packages

We Provide Care

We know the varying needs of each customer. Furthermore, we offer flexible and dependable home care packages to choose from based on medical conditions.

Economical services

We Provide Care

With customized plans, we can offer only what your patient needs. It will cut the cost and save you a lot of time. Besides we offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of services.

Frequently Asked Question!

What services do home health care provide?

Home health care services may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, elderly care, and disability care for the mentally or physically ill. Skilled nurses help in dealing with such a case. Likewise, it includes helping older adults with daily living activities like dressing, eating, bathing, walking, etc. With that said,home health care is meant to help ill, older, or disabled people live independently.

Similarly, these services are suitable for long-suffering adults or those who just got out of a severe injury or accident. Luckily, there is a wide range of services available for both the long and short term.

What does a home health care nurse do?

A home health care nurse will provide home-based care for patients by keeping follow-up treatments post-discharge from a medical care setting. In addition to that, most home nursing professionals are self-directed and practice time management on duty. However, they often interact with family members of the patient during care. In the meantime, a registered nurse will look after the wound care/ dressing changes, taking vital signs or head-to-toe physical assessments. Furthermore, that can assist with daily living activities such as bathing, toileting, or grooming.

How do I hire a private duty nurse?

We offer diverse sets of home health care services in Pakistan. In like manner, you will find cheaper rates with an unmatched higher quality of services. Furthermore, we own Pakistan’s top physicians and nurses with years of experience serving and taking care of your loved ones. The safety of the patient and your satisfaction is our priority. Hence, if you require a visiting, part-time or full-time attendant for your elderly or treating sick patients at home, Call Us Now at UAN # 03 111 678 679. Our case manager will assist you with the possible packages and specialized home nursing services in Pakistan.

Can nurses become physical therapists?

No, the nurse is not educated or trained to do physical therapy. Although they can help you with minor massage and body movement, they need expert skills and education to become a full flagged physical therapist. Luckily, we offer a wide range of private home care services in Pakistan, including dedicated and certified physiotherapists at home. So in case of any such need, you can consult our experts for assistance.

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