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Every mentally or physically disabled person is a unique case. Hence each patient needs particular medication and treatment or disabled care services. Fortunately, we know the variations of care and support for people with disabilities. Therefore we work with a range of trained disabled care professionals in Pakistan. These individuals can deal with a wide range of medical and health conditions. We offer exceptional physical and mental disability home care services in Pakistan.

We ensure that every patient gets care; they need to live a comfortable and content life. Moreover, we work with the belief that there is no one-size-fits-all medical solution. Hence, our services are entirely centered on the needs of an individual patient.

Caring for the disabled in Pakistan

Holistic Healthcare Services in Pakistan is the name of a trust. We offer disability support services in Pakistan. You can reach us for assistance in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi. Our professionals will help disabled people in daily life tasks like bathing, walking, or eating. Additionally, they will offer help to the disabled for independent living. With us, you do not need to pay for insurance costs or spend on expensive supporting machines.

From making your weekly grocery or booking and visiting the doctor for checkups, our professionals will be helping you. Considering the needs and limitations of the users, we offer affordable packages. You can call us at UAN # 03 111 678 679 to know about our rates for one-off or ongoing support. Let’s connect now to get a customized care plan that best suits your needs.

When do you need our Disabled care services?

We have experience of more than 16 years in at-home caring for the disabled in Pakistan. Based on the occasion, we know the importance of physical support for the disabled. This support is vital to continue living – comfortably and safely. Therefore, our dedicated professional medical experts spend their time to know your interest and goals. Only after that, they will propose the best services and support.

Contact us to book our private disability support services. Get help from experts and enjoy living independently once again. We are here to help you with:

Domestic assistance

Our disability support worker will help you keep the home tidy and in a hygienic environment. Such help will include cleaning, washing, ironing, and everything else they need assistance with.

  • Personal hygiene & care

We will help you to start the day feeling refreshed. Our disabled care professionals will help you with showering, dressing, grooming, and using the bathroom. It will give a comfortable and confident feel as the day passes.

  • Transport and companionship

Whether it is going to doctor appointments or a nearby park, our caretakers will help you. They will give you company to ensure you live everyday life without any injury.

  • Professional nursing care

Disable care assistant will help with routine tasks like medication, wound management, body massage, physiotherapy at home. They will also help with medical supervision, plain management, and palliative care.

  • Respite care

Holistic Healthcare Services professionals will look after disabled patients. Meanwhile, we will leave the family free to deal with other social responsibilities and personal matters. Getting to know you is crucial for our staff. We do this before designing and proposing the best package and home care services for people with disabilities. Our customer care managers will spend time with the medical experts to find the best solution. They will then offer you the most skilled professionals for home care services for physically disabled people in Pakistan. You can help us by clearly mentioning what you need to have. Also, tell them if you are looking for a caregiver for mentally disabled women and men or want a caregiver for physically disabled men and women.

Why choose our Disabled care services?

The Holistic Healthcare Service provider is the sole entity. We are working with Pakistan’s best doctors, caregivers, physicians, and medical experts in Pakistan. We offer personalized disabled care services for disabled adults and kids. Also, note that these services are according to your life skills. Offered services include;

  •         Community Participation
  •         Behavior Support
  •         Patient room cleaning
  •         Personal and complex care
  •         Respite Care
  •         Disability and dementia care
  •         Palliative care
  •         Round the clock care (24×7 disable care services)

Care with comfort

We provide care

We offer certified medical assistance in the comfort of your home. Our staff is friendly and experienced in handling disabled people while satisfying their needs. They will assist them with everything they need to get done in routine life..

Variety of Conditions

We Provide Care

We provide professional disabled care for conditions like cerebral palsy, epilepsy, brain injury or stroke. We can also help patients with cardiac & respiratory conditions, neuron disease, Huntington's, multiple sclerosis, and post-operative needs.

Support independent lifestyle

We Provide Care

Our professional disabled caregivers will assist you while preserving dignity and independence. They will also support social and domestic activities, collect prescriptions, ensure medicine intake in time, accompany the client to doctors, and more.

Variety of services at home

We Provide Care

We have varying services for disability care at home. You can book visiting care services for disable in Pakistan. Or opt for live-in care services for the disabled in Pakistan. The choice is based on what frequency you need help.

Support for learning disabilities

We Provide Care

Our services include help with ADHD to dysgraphia and auditory processing disorder. Other benefits may consist of speech therapy and occupational therapy for treatment with certified therapy professionals.

Frequently Asked Question!

Do overnight caregivers sleep?

No, an overnight caregiver does not sleep during duty hours. Hence, when you book a professional for personal care for disabled people, you will have the overnighter attendants. They will serve on rotation. But if you book 24 hours caregivers, they will stay with you overnight. Specifically if you have an older adult who wanders due to dementia. In such cases, the caregiver will have no sleep breaks. Hence, the caregiver will take care of your loved one around the clock.

Therefore, when you cannot stay up all night for one reason or another, hire a caregiver for a disabled person at home. Rest assured that they are well supervised when you are not there to keep an eye on.

How do you care for a disabled patient?

Besides hiring professional in-home care for the disabled, the family members also need to pay attention. For instance, you may need to adopt an overall positive attitude. Also, have the patience to deal with such individuals. Plus, gather all the essential information about the condition of your family member. For instance, you can talk to the medical attendants working on your family member’s case.

It’s better to show a positive and supportive attitude towards the disabled person. You should seriously consider his needs or demands. Always try to be empowering and help the person feel normal. In the meantime, you must also take care of yourself. As only with a healthy mind and body you will offer all the support, care, and attention to the suffering person.

What are the three most common physical disabilities prevailing in Pakistan?

Arthritis, Heart disease, and Respiratory disorders are the most common reasons leading to many types of mental and physical disabilities in people of all ages. Most of the physical disabilities are a result of mental retardation, blindness, and deafness. Simultaneously, every 1 in 5 adults in urban Pakistan has underlying coronary artery disease with rheumatoid arthritis at an estimated range of 0.9 per 1000 adults in Sindh.

Other physical disabilities commonly found in Pakistan are spinal cord injury, stroke, chronic pain, limb amputation and a few more.

What are some difficulties involved in caring for a mentally disabled person?

Most of the stress comes with satisfaction when it comes to living with a mentally or physically disabled person. The mentally disabled person cannot understand and adhere to the rules of nature and society. It is tough to convince them of your point or follow your lead. Most of the time, you have to do even the most common task for them. They can quickly get sad and upset. So the caretaker might need to spend time satisfying and calming them.

How can we help people with disabilities?

Treating people with any disability demands a unique approach. It would help if you became friends rather than being authoritative. You can do that by asking them for their opinion and following their lead. It would help if you also stay attentive to what they want to say and be kind. Also, keep patience as you understand them. Making a friendly relationship with such people will also help you get things done nicely. Also, such people value their personal space. Please provide them with enough space and time during the day or night to get things done in their way.

We’ll curate a comprehensive Care Plan – focused on YOU!

When dealing with any type of disability – mental or physical, we believe in – Take It One Day at a Time!

Our dedicated case managers will take their time to study your case’s medical history. Later, we will offer you the best solution with a comprehensive care plan. These plans consider the condition of the patient as well as your budget. Don’t hesitate to have a word with us. Call us today or write to us at info@holistic.com.pk.

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