ICU Trained Nurses

ICU Trained Nurses

“Professional Critical Care at your Doorstep”

There are times when the elderly need long-term ICU care and treatment at home. We offer expert-handled clinical procedures developed in consultation with experts. The aim is to deliver optimal quality of ICU medical care at home. So reach us now if you need the best certified professional critical caregivers and ICU-trained nurses at home. We provide in-home critical care services in Pakistan. Hence you can call us UAN # 03 111 678 679 for services in cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

ICU Trained Nurses for Intensive Nursing at Home

We take pride in working with some of the best ICU-trained staff in Pakistan. The team is dedicated to offer high-quality, effective care for critically ill patients in their own space. All the services respectively target patients based on health issues and age. So from a kid to the elderly, you can get dedicated, compassionate health services while maintaining your privacy and comfort.

ICU-trained nurses at home are ideal for bedbound, wheelchair-bound, or homebound patients. Or if the doctors recommend home care due to infection or severity. Our ICU-trained Nurses strive to serve length and quality of life to each patient they serve. Our medical team also helps with social adaptation, which is very important for people in such a category.

When do you need our ICU Trained Nurses?

Before you head to book critical care nurses for home care, know your needs. It is essential to see if you need these ICU nurses, or a simple caregiver personal attendant or a male or female nursing assistant at home. In most cases, it would be best if you have professional ICU-trained nurses for home care. Like, people who are on life-saving machines need critical caregivers at home. Mostly, the doctor or hospital will advise such care, precisely when there is no need for any active interventions.

These services aim to make the patient feel secure and comfortable at home. At times it helps in boosting the healing process. Also, with skilled nurses for intensive nursing at home, you will protect the patient from the threat of hospital-acquired infections. It also eases the financial burden by up to 30%.

Critical care at home is one of the core specialties of Holistic Healthcare Services. We know that elders deserve the best care and treatment with affection and compassion. Therefore we do our best to ensure speedy recovery by taking care of the patient. We do this with our critical nursing features to promise a super-fast and healthy recovery.  Here are times when you might need our professional ICU Trained Nurses.

  • Complete monitoring and management of oxygen
  • Complete monitoring and management of patient’s IV line
  • Wound care for prevention of infections
  • Comprehensive stoma care for patients undergoing colostomy
  • Post-treatment care for ileostomy or urostomy
  • Monitoring & early-stage prevention of pressure ulcers for a swift recovery
  • Providing nutritional support
  • Administration of fluids to restore blood volume.

Why choose our ICU Trained Nurses?

Our ICU at-home services comprise care and supervision with the help of highly trained critical care nurses. They work with therapists and experts at a significantly lower price than a hospital stay. We propose all the clinical procedures after consultation with the leading hospital and your doctor. We strive to ensure the highest quality intensive medical care at home. Here are some reasons why you should book critical care nurses for home care with us:

Certified professionals

We Provide Care

We take pride in working with some of the best certified and professional ICU nurses in Pakistan. These dedicated professionals ensure high-quality medical care for critical patients at home.

Best devices

We Provide Care

We can facilitate you with the best in class ICU devices at home. You can consult our care managers to book a wide range of products for patients' needs. We will offer you market competitive prices for every product and service.

Cost advantage

We Provide Care

We offer the best rates for ICU trained nurses at home. So, you can get the entire range of hospital standard critical care services within your budget. Plus, in-home services will save you from additional expenses like transportation.

Working with physicians

We Provide Care

When it comes to expertise, we will offer you in-home ICU trained nursing services. Additionally, our physicians' help in the care plan design. These professionals will also share the patient's data periodically with experts.

Monitoring with lower risks

We Provide Care

Our professionals will monitor the patient progress and recovery data from the state of the art devices. With a highly attentive attitude, they ensure treating any emerging problem or infection in its early stage. It helps to reduce the risks of a new disease.

Personalized Care

We Provide Care

We will help you with the management of all post-discharge services with round the clock medical supervision. So for your critically sick loved one's privacy and comfort, call now UAN # 03 111 678 679 to hire nurses for intensive care at home in Pakistan.

Individualized care

We Provide Care

We know that every patient has complications to deal with. The condition of each patient is different, so are the requirements. Therefore, we provide highly personalized and specialized care plan that caters to the individuals needs.

Quality assurance

We Provide Care

We strive to deliver higher quality services every single time we step out in the field. To keep the levels more elevated, we conduct regular training sessions for the entire staff. We ensure that our team are well-aware of the latest medication, procedures, and methodologies.

Frequently Asked Question!

Do ICU nurses have any more training/education than a regular nurse?

Yes, ICU nurses need to have more training and education than a regular nurse, attendant, or caregiver/AYA. However, in some parts of the world, certification in critical care is not required. But you need to undergo specific training sessions to work professionally. Some nurses also continue their education in intensive care.

However, we are working with certified professional ICU-trained nurses in Pakistan. These nurses also undergo regular training to stay aware of the latest technologies and treatments. They are also mindful of advanced medication to treat your family member at home.

What does a home health nurse do on their visits?

They tackle a wide range of job duties, including taking vital sign reading or helping patients with mobility issues. They are also responsible for administering medication, cleaning wounds or drawing blood, etc. These nurses will also look after the blood pressure and diabetes level in the patient. Moreover, they will report back to the doctor after every visit. They are also responsible for delivering the updated medical record to the consulting doctor or physician.

What do nurses need to know about patient care?

When it comes to caring for a critically ill patient, the nurse needs to have some primary attributes. They need special training besides basic education to handle any case. At first, they need to be compassionate and calm with a smiling face. They should be confident and strong, both mentally and physically, to handle any situation. Besides being confident they should know about the disease, they will help the patient with it.

How do we set up an ICU at home?

The holistic healthcare service provider can help you with in-house medical setup for many treatments and conditions. Besides services like registered nursing services in Pakistan, you can contact us for medical equipment, if required. You can also reach us and share your demands about any part or complete ICU setup at home.
We will offer you competitive rates and high-quality machinery to install your ICU setup. This way, we can help take care of your family member right in front of your eyes.

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