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“An emergency lifesaver!”

Holistic Healthcare Services offer the best general physicians in the environment that you wish for. With the best doctors at home, you can get all the initial medical treatment maintaining your comfort and privacy at home. Enjoy premium services with satisfaction without any prior notice. When the situation gets panicky, you need to call doctors for a home visit. Or else, it can be for an emergency or a quick checkup and treatment. As a matter of fact, having such a doctor on your contact list can be a lifesaver. Luckily, Holistic Healthcare Services have a list of reliable doctors available around the clock.

Private Healthcare Services you can trust!

Holistic Healthcare Services give you one-call access to general physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, and more. They have vast experience and in-depth knowledge of offering prompt and professional medical assistance. Moreover, these doctors have everything in hand to diagnose and treat any emergency condition or any injuries. By all means, right from the comfort of your place. Our general physician services in Pakistan are available 24/7 on both private and public holidays.

We are currently serving in all major cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Lahore, and Karachi. With that said, you can just pick mobile and Contact us a physician at your home, hotel room, or office now.

When do you need our General Physicians?

There are times when you suddenly fall sick and even lack the ability to get up to visit the doctor. At other times, you might have an important meeting and your dad’s appointment on the same day. Likewise, you may have to deal with the challenge of taking an elderly with limited mobility for a routine checkup.

We can take away the worries from your shoulders and offer a doctor at home with just one phone call to avail general physicians services. Here you can communicate with knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate doctors. Of course, they are always glad to help you with initial consultation and treatments for your regular and long-term health conditions. With that said, you won’t need to rush to the hospital, instead get the doctor at home in 30 minutes or less. Undoubtedly, these general physicians can offer all medical services with a prompt response to any situation.

Moreover, they can also help in emergency conditions like stroke, attacks, or severe injuries. Else, you can call the doctor for treatment of a variety of health issues, including:

  • Insomnia, dizziness, migraines
  • Joint or back pains, strains or sprains
  • Flue, fever, allergies, food poisoning, or more
  • High BP or diabetes,
  • Sinusitis, tonsillitis, tinnitus, and nose bleeds,
  • Vomiting, nausea, or heartburn
  • Urinary tract infection or STDs
  • Pneumonia or asthma bronchitis
  • ECG and laboratory investigations
  • Medical reports
  • Nebulizers
  • Suture removals
  • Injections, vaccination, IV fluids, and vitamin injections
  • Preventive health care or general physicians health checkups

Why choose our General Physicians?

When it comes to getting medical services delivered at the door, you should never settle for less. Luckily, we offer you the best doctors and physicians on just one call. For this purpose, you can schedule a home physician visit or dial us now in case of an emergency. The pre-scheduled visit helps to get your elderly or loved ones checked without causing them any hassle of traveling. Besides booking the doctor at a home checkup, you can get the following benefits:

Qualified and experienced professionals

We Provide Care

Holistic Healthcare Services bring back the family doctor's concept by providing reliable and experienced doctor at your doorstep. At the same time they will help with all the basic medical needs while keeping track of the case.

No hours of waiting

We Provide Care

Say good-bye to long hours of waiting and travelling to and from the clinic. Make an appointment as per your preferred date or time, and enjoy your health care services at doorstep.

SCD management

We Provide Care

We offer a range of Specialized Chronic Disease Management expert's right at your doorstep. So, book your appointment now and meet the expert right inside your home.

Comprehensive care plans

We Provide Care

It would be great you do not exert, especially when you are already weak. Just pick up the phone, reach out to us. We will bring experienced physicians backed by comprehensive lab services for diagnosis and treatment..

Economical services

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At times when at-home doctor visit can save you money from travelling to hospital we offer you more. By that we mean our exceptionally economical plans. We take pride in offer the best and cheap at-home doctor visit services in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Question!

Does Medicare cover doctor home visits?

Yes, along with many other health care services Medicare also covers doctor home visits. In such a case you will get skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, pathology services. Plus, we deal in at-home health care services like health care attendants, professional nursing care for the elderly, medical social services and medical supplies etc.

How can I get a home visit from my doctor?

It depends on if your doctor is on our panel of home visiting physicians or not. In any case, we take pride in having many specialists and general doctors for at-home services in Pakistan. Hence, in case your doctor is already on our panel, you can request for him/her. Otherwise, our case managers will send another specific professional for at-home medical assistance. You can trust our doctors; they are certified, experienced, and are well equipped. Plus, they can offer you all the initial treatment and care with the comfort of your home.

What is home health care

Home health care or home care is an exceptional health care service. This service is opposite to the care provided in group accommodations, hospitals or clinics. Furthermore, these services include a wide range of medical treatments, including paramedical aids, private nurses at home, and attendants at home for daily living. Additionally, it offers disable or elderly care at home. In the meantime, the client will receive home health care and incur lower costs with better care at home.

How do I get a doctor to come to my house?

When it comes to booking a general medical doctor for a home visit, trust Holistic Healthcare Services in Pakistan. With us, getting a doctor at your home is just a phone call away. So, in case of a medical emergency or for an elder’s routine checkup at home. Rest assured, our customer care representative will connect you to the case managers. Of course, they will ask you a few initial questions and update you about the doctor’s name and arrival as per the case. All things considered, you will meet the physician at your doorstep, sooner than thought.

What does a general physician do?

A general physician or general specialist doctor is a trained professional who can provide a range ofnon-surgical health care to patients. Rest assured, they can take care of severe, complicated, and unusual medical issues. Moreover, they will continue to see the patient until they are back in a stable condition. In brief, most of their work is either with hospitalized patients or sick elderly at home. At other times, they see patients in their consulting rooms.
Holistic Healthcare Services offer a wide range of diagnostic experts in all divisions. Additionally, we specialize in general physician services at home. Call now UAN # 03 111 678 679 for some of the best physicians at home to offer additional help to patients.

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