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When your elderly patient needs constant supervision or help, seeking help from our caregiver services staff in Faisalabad is the best option. Our caregiving services are the best in Faisalabad and we are delighted to inform you that our patients are highly satisfied with our services. Holistic Healthcare Services does not believe in compromise. Whether it is about our caregivers’ commitment or their responsibility towards your patient or elderly loved one, we fulfill all our duties in full swing.

We strive to help your elderly loved ones maintain their quality of life by planning a full routine base activity for them according to their health and condition. This keeps them active and energized the whole day. Our management team also makes sure that our caregivers are trained in a manner that what you demand is rewarded according to your needs in your own homes.

What is Caregiving?

When our loved ones grow old, they become weak, both mentally and physically. At that stage of life, they need continuous management and support. For that matter, a caregiver is appointed for them who looks after them to provide them caregiving services in whatever manner they want.

Your elderly patient might be chronically ill, disabled, or diseased so much so that he or she needs to pursue aid. Caregivers are there to help those needy elderly ones with love and care.

Benefits of Caregiver Services

  • Out of many benefits of caregiving services, the most important one is that it helps in avoiding further injuries to elderly patients as the caregiver is supporting the patient in all their chores and medical assistance.
  • The self-confidence of the individual increases as his self-care is being taken care of very well and a caregiver also works as a companion who can talk heart to heart with the elderly patient.
  • Caregiving services are as much beneficial to the patient as well as the family of the patient as they become a little more worry-less to see that their elderly loved one is taken care of very well.

What we offer?

Our caregiver services for your senior patients are the finest in Faisalabad. Be it a male caregiver or a female caregiver, our caregivers work for the satisfaction of their patients. We offer a range of caregiving services in your town, which may include:

  • Personal care (hygiene and cleanliness)
  • Monitoring Vital Signs & Symptoms
  • Managing medications as per doctor’s prescriptions
  • Providing support for Exercises and Body Massage
  • Transferring and lifting techniques to and from the bed or wheelchair
  • Mobilizing for outings or for a Doctor visit
  • Feeding help as per nutritional requirements
  • Providing companionship in a positive way
  • Accompanying them to attend social events and parties, and
  • Providing communication assistance

Contact Us for the Caregiving Services in Faisalabad

Whether your elderly patient is chronically ill or disabled, our caregivers are fully skilled to support any patient. As per the condition of the patient, our caregivers are highly equipped with management services that are needed as part of their job and also in case an emergency emerges.

Our caregiver services at homes in Faisalabad are available for your loved ones on a 12-hour shift or on a 24-hour shift. Call us at UAN:03 111 678 679 for more information and queries.

Your elderly loved one is as loved by us as you would want them to be!

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