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Holistic Healthcare Services has been providing caregiver services to patients and elderly individuals in Lahore and surrounding cities for over a decade now. The main aim of the company is based on the idea of caring for patients at a whole new level unlike ever before. We are a certified company accredited by government agencies whose target is to provide care and attention to our patients.

We have professional and trained staff that knows their duty of taking over the responsibility of the patient. Our staff understands the pain and suffering of the patients and knows how to take good care of them. This can be of great ease for family members as they will be relieved of the burden of taking care of their loved ones.

What is Caregiving Service?

Caregiving means taking care of those patients who are not able to take care of themselves. This may involve elderly and aged people, mentally and physically ill, sick patients, or those who have just had their operation or surgery done and are recovering.

Life can be extremely tough especially if you are dependent upon your family to take care of you. However, Holistic Healthcare Services can solve this problem if you hire our caregiver services designed for patients, elderly people, and disabled individuals.

What do we do?

In order to offer you services, we will come to the home of the patient and take over the entire responsibility of the patient. We will make sure that they feel comfortable and develop a bond with us that they would never regret. Some of our caregiver services include:

  • Taking care of the patients’ personal hygiene, personal grooming, and visits to the washroom
  • Following their medical prescriptions and visits to the doctor
  • Providing good company to the patient so that they may not feel lonely
  • Cleaning their bed and changing the patient
  • Taking the patient to social gatherings and parties
  • and much more

Benefits of getting Caregiver Services

Hiring our caregiver services would offer great advantages not just to the patient but also to the family members. The patient will be taken care of completely and eventually develop a bond with our staff. You will notice a very positive change in your patient after you hire our service. This is because our staff is quite friendly and reliable as well.

Our staff which includes both male and female nurses is equipped and quite capable to deal with all kinds of patients, whether they are young, elderly, or disabled. We serve our patients with the highest level of commitment and integrity as they look up to us with great expectations.

Get Caregiver Services in Lahore

We offer shifts in two slots: one is a 12-hour shift and the other is a 24-hour shift. You can hire the shift you think is best suited for your patient. If you want details about our services, call us on UAN: 03 111 678 679 to discuss the services we offer and the rates at which our services are available.

Hire our services and feel relaxed as we will take care of the needs of our patients and make them feel comfortable as well.

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