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Generally, it is seen that patients and elderly individuals are more comfortable in their own homes and tend to remain satisfied there as well. They don’t like noisy and busy places and find peace with their families and loved ones. However, if their loved one is busy traveling for business or work and cannot give them proper care, time, and attention, then hiring a caregiver is an excellent alternative. We at Holistic Healthcare Services excel in offering efficient caregiver Services in Sialkot city.

We tend to make your patient and elderly loved ones fall in love with us instantly and they won’t need any more companions when we are there to support them. Our caregiving staff is qualified not just in providing quality caregiving services to your elderly loved ones but also aim to make them fully satisfied at the end of the day. Our caregivers nonetheless are the best in town. We also provide quality elder care services.

What are Caregiver Services?

Caregiving services are basically the support system that helps patients and elderly individuals live better lives. These services may involve medical as well as non-medical help, depending on the situation and condition of the patient. Sometimes, the patient or elderly person just needs the emotional support or they may need a shoulder to talk their heart out. Similarly, they may also need physical assistance and professional caregivers are trained and skilled enough to deal with all the needs and demands of patients and elderly individuals.

Benefits of Caregiving Services

  • Patients and elderly people feel much more independent due to the help of caregivers in their homes.
  • They don’t need to worry about their day-to-day needs as most of their demands are fulfilled by the caregivers.
  • Caregivers not just look after medical treatments but also keep an eye on the non-medical routine of the patient.
  • The family becomes more relaxed when a caregiver is there to look after their patient or elderly family member.
  • A companion is available to them now as a caregiver and their desire to go out and socialize with other people is taken care of.
  • Care of hygiene and self-grooming is taken care of on a daily basis.

What we Offer?

Holistic Healthcare Services offers the best caregiving services to your loved ones. Whether you want a female caregiver or a male caregiver, we are there to provide you with every kind of facility that you might need. Here is a list of a few of our caregiver services for your patient or elderly loved one:

  • Maintaining Hygienic Conditions
  • Monitoring Vital Signs and Symptoms
  • Administering medications as per doctor’s prescriptions
  • Assisting in exercises and therapies
  • Mobilizing for outings or for the Doctor visit
  • Feeding assistance as per nutritional requirements
  • Room Cleaning
  • Providing companionship in a positive way
  • Accompanying them to attend social events and parties
  • Providing communication assistance

Life becomes way easier if you seek help from one of our caregivers in Sialkot. Once you take our services, you will know how efficient we are and you’ll be more than content to do so. Contact us for Caregiving Services in Sialkot We provide caregiver services for patients and elderly loved ones at home on a 12-hour shift or on a 24-hour shift, depending on the requirements of your patient. Call us at UAN: 03 111 678 679 for more information and knowledge on our caregiving services in Sialkot.

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