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Over the years, Holistic Healthcare Services has striven to give the right care and perfect assistance to our patients and clients. We believe in working with dedication and commitment, especially when it comes to taking care of our disabled patients. We are always prepared for all kinds of challenges that come with looking after these patients and satisfy your loved ones, that too in the warmth of your own homes in Faisalabad. We offer excellent disabled care services in Faisalabad.

In today’s world, where everyone is thinking about themselves and their own benefits, we as a human loving firm, care and support each one of our patients on a one-on-one basis. We are sensitive to our disabled patients and understand what they go through each day and we also know how to manage them with pure love and affection.

What is disabled care?

When someone is dependent on another individual for long due to any physical or mental disability, it falls in disability care. In such kind of care, another individual is responsible for all his work and support. The place of care may differ from being in the house to out of the home but the quality and responsibility for a disabled one never change and remains equally supportive. Disabled care includes medical as well as non-medical aid of the patient. Our disabled care services are available on a 12-hour shift or a 24-hour shift, depending on the needs of the disabled person.

Benefits of taking Disabled Care Service

One of the most important benefits of getting disabled care in your homes is that you become less worried about your disabled loved one as you know that your patient is being taken care of with utmost responsibility and care right in front of you.

  • The disabled individual not only becomes less frustrated and sensitive but they also tend to regain their self-confidence knowing that there is someone to take care of them. They tend to love life again and start making efforts to get better as well.
  • Patients who are mentally disabled may be concerned with more intensity as their needs are way different from the ones who are physically disabled.
  • Only highly professionally trained caregivers can help out these disabled patients in their crucial time as they understand what might be going on in the minds of these disabled patients.

How can we help with Disabled Care Services in Faisalabad?

At Holistic Healthcare Services, we believe that disabled patients are another face of angels. The question to ask is, ‘who in this world would not love angels?’ We consider our patients to be of the highest priority and have managed a special team to train and educate our disabled caregivers to understand the needs and feelings of these patients.

We work for the betterment of disabled patients, not just focus on their medical needs but also make sure that their other needs are also fulfilled. This may help them feel a little better. We are one of the finest healthcare service providers in Faisalabad. We are also providing our services to other cities in Pakistan, including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Gujrat, Gujranwala, and more.

Services that our disabled caregivers offer in Faisalabad may include:

  • Help with Eating
  • Help with Bathing
  • Help with Dressing
  • Lifting with support
  • Assisting while Walking
  • Communicating
  • Exercising and more

Contact us for Disabled Care Services in Faisalabad

Holistic Healthcare Services is the right choice for your disabled loved ones, as we love our patients just like their families. Contact us at UAN: 03 111 678 679 for more information and queries.

Our services are offered on a 12-hour shift or on a 24-hour shift, depending on the condition of your patient. We love helping you in whatever way you want us to!

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