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As one of the oldest healthcare service providers in Pakistan, Holistic Healthcare Services has been providing disabled care services in Peshawar to patients in surrounding areas. Patients might be disabled mentally or physically and require great care to carry on with life. This is where we can be of assistance.

Our well-trained and excellent staff knows very well how to treat such patients. It is very hard to treat mentally disabled patients because they are not in their senses. However, our staff is experienced and knows how to deal with mentally disabled patients. We treat each and every patient with great care and serve them at the very best of our service.

What is Disabled Care?

Disabled care means taking care of mentally and physically disabled patients since they are dependent on others for their work. Disability can be either mental or physical. Physical disability might be due to an accident or a surgery after which the patient needs help to recover.

Mental disability is permanent and there is no healing of this illness. However, the patient needs constant care and attention. This is why disabled care services are very important for such patients.

What we do?

Holistic Healthcare Services has always put the needs of its patients at the forefront of their careers. We began our services from Lahore over a decade ago and have expanded to major nearby cities. We are providing our services in Peshawar to disabled and elderly people.

We have both male and female nurses who work in 2 shifts, 12-hour shift,s and 24-hour shifts. Depending upon the condition of the patient, you can choose the shift and the caregiving staff or nurse for your patient.

Our disabled care services include the following:

  • Bathing, cleaning, shaving, and taking care of the patient’s personal hygiene
  • Providing companionship to the patient in a positive way
  • Lifting the patient from the wheelchair to the bed and vice versa
  • Following the medical routine and follow-ups to the doctor
  • Feeding the patient
  • and more

In order to know more about disabled care services in Peshawar, visit our services section to find out more or call us at 03 111 678 679.

Get Disabled Care Services

Hiring our disabled care services would be the best option for family members so that they can relax and handover their patients to our reliable staff. Our staff will take full responsibility for the patient and handle them with great care and affection.

Once you will hire our service, you do not have to worry about your patient as we will do all the work and fulfill all the needs of the patient.

How can we help you with Disabled Care Services in Peshawar?

We have always been very faithful to our patients and clients. We have an excellent and experienced staff that aims to serve our patients to the very best. Family members of disabled patients can be at ease after hiring our services since their loved ones will be in safe hands.

For more details about our disabled care services in Peshawar, call us on UAN: 03 111 678 679

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