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Living with a disabled loved one in your home can be quite complex without additional help but if things are done correctly with the right help, the complexity of the situation can be tackled. We have a range of specially trained disabled care staff who can support you in your difficult times. We believe in the quality of work and make sure that your disabled patient is taken care of as appropriable as they deserve in their home. Read on to know about our disabled care services in Sialkot.

Holistic Healthcare Services takes honor in being at your side in most major cities of Pakistan and in the city of Sialkot as well. We feel your patient’s pain and understand what they may go through each day and night. We aim to make their frustrations less damaging and help them step ahead in their lives with our caring efforts in their medical as well as everyday tasks. The disability of a patient may affect them physically or mentally but our excellence of care remains constant.

What is Disabled Care?

Looking after someone who is partially or totally dependent on someone else due to an accident or damage that happened to them as a result of an injury, crucial sickness, disease, or by birth is called disabled care. The term disabled care includes medical as well as non-medical assistance in daily activities as well. Efforts of the caregiver, in addition to love and care, can help disabled patients a lot more than when they are treated just with medicines and medical routine.

Benefits of disabled care services in Sialkot

  • There are many benefits of Disabled care services but the most vital is that your loved one is fully taken care of as per the physicians’ prescriptions.
  • The family of the disabled patient becomes less stressed when they see that their patient is treated as per their expectations.
  • Disabled patient’s quality of life improves health-wise and otherwise as well.
  • Mentally disabled patients become less sensitive and less frustrated.

What we offer with Disabled Care Services in Sialkot?

We have been taking pride in looking after our critically disabled patients for several years now. Our disabled patients have always improved health-wise due to the special care they get from our care service providers and attendants. Our staff is trained to handle any kind of emergency and understand the sensitivity of the situation the patient and their family might be going through. Some of the disabled care services that we offer at your home may include:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Exercising
  • Communicating
  • Walking
  • Lifting and Support in any physical activity

We are one of the finest disabled care service providers in Sialkot. We can fulfill the needs and demands of your loved ones.

How to contact us for Disabled Care Services in Sialkot?

Holistic Healthcare Services is ever ready to help your disabled patients and make a proper plan after meeting with you and your patient. We realize that every patient has his own demands and necessities, and we keep that in mind while selecting a caregiver for you.

Our services are offered on a 12-hour shift or on a 24-hour shift in your homes In Sialkot, depending on the condition of your patient. Contact us or call us directly at UAN: 03 111 678 679

We love helping patients because we know helping someone is like helping their whole family!

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