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Many residents of Karachi face difficulties in managing their work and home at the same time. They have little or no time to take their elders to the clinic for check-ups and treatment. Elderly parents have a great responsibility to take care of them. Parents who have dedicated their lives to caring for and helping us now need some care. Elderly Care Services in Karachi need your attention and care in the same way they did. However, if you want to support them, your schedule does not allow you. You feel guilty even when you only think about sending them to a care facility.

“They were there when you needed them… Now it is your turn to prove yourself.”

But why think about that when you can get better elderly care services at home in Karachi.

Sounds Familiar?

Are you looking for well-trained and expert elderly care services in Karachi? Then you are at the right place. Holistic Healthcare Services offers the best elderly care services at home in Karachi that helps by providing palliative care at the comfort of your own home. We are one of the best privately owned agencies having licensed and trained patient care nurses. In addition, we have special patient care packages for patients of all ages and needs.

What is an Elder Care Service?

All services that make life easier for the elderly are called elderly care services. It includes a wide range of services to meet the physical and emotional needs of the elderly to ensure that they remain healthy and fit.

The importance of Elderly Care Services in Karachi:

Aging can be a difficult experience when your health begins to deteriorate, and you become increasingly dependent on others for your daily activities. This is the time when the elderly needs extreme care and compassion. The importance of proper care of the elderly can never be sidelined because they too deserve the dignity of life. Although modern barriers to life do not always allow people to take care of their elderly, they can choose the appropriate elderly home health care services for the smooth running of their lives.
Eldercare becomes necessary when older people have difficulty with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, taking medicine, etc., and no family member is available to supervise them.
The type of care needed depends on the health condition of the elderly person and the severity of the problem. Most people do not need full-time nurses, while some need 24/7 attendants.

Benefits of Elderly Care Services in Karachi:

Personal care and day-to-day work Elderly people need basic care such as bathing and grooming, food preparation, light hygiene, and laundry assistance so that they are free and thus less anxious.

    • Emotional support

The Elderly often feels lonely due to several factors such as poor mental health, physical stress, etc. Elderly service providers are very polite, friendly, and loving, she is reliable and understanding.

    • Dynamic support

Many seniors need help to walk and move because of several health concerns. Elderly service providers can provide dynamic support in movement, equipment such as wheelchairs.

    • Medical Management

Numerous prescriptions and doctors often confuse the seniors with their medication. Self-medication can be harmful and can lead to poor health. Elderly service providers can help you with a dedicated health manager, nurses, doctors, and even on-call help. Additionally, a doctor visits to check the health status of the elderly periodically.

    • Emergency Care Coordination

Coordination with hospitals and ambulances in case of a medical emergency. 24 × 7 helpline number to help family/patients in case of a medical emergency.

    • Personal plan

Depending on the needs of the elders and the recommendations of the doctor, a complete annual and suitable plan is made to help them.

“Passionate services are in our roots.”


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