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When it comes to taking care of elderly and aged people, Holistic Healthcare Services has been extremely serious and careful about it. We have been providing care services to elderly and aged individuals in Lahore for over a decade now. The main aim of the company is to serve and protect the rights of aged and old people who are sadly dependent upon others to do their tasks. We feel great pleasure in providing comfort to old and aged people and feel great pride in serving them.

We have specialized and trained staff that knows how to treat as well as respect aged people. Our team has a soft corner for the weak and elderly and we assure you that we will provide you with the best of our service.

What is Elderly Care Services in Lahore?

Elderly Care means taking care of elderly and aged people and spend time with them. The services they need might be due to the illness they are facing or simply to get some company. It is very common for aged people to be home-bound as well as bedridden. Their lives are nothing but gloomy and miserable.

Elderly Care Services are meant not just for the care of elderly people but also to entertain them. These services can also help their family members who might feel it quite hard to spend time with them or constantly be at the side of the elderly loved one in their home. In this era of technology and fast-paced life, it is very hard to work for someone else. Family members might be at ease if they hire a service provider for their loved one and be relaxed and enjoy life as we will be there to take care of the elderly patient.

What we do?

Holistic Healthcare Services takes full responsibility for handling patients and serving their needs. Some of the services included in our Elderly Care Services are:

  • Spending time with the elderly and entertaining them
  • Taking them to the washroom, taking care of their hygiene and personal grooming
  • Taking care of their medications and visits to the doctor
  • Being a good listener to them
  • and much more

We can assure you that you will feel a great and positive change in your loved one’s life after you hire our services. This is due to the fact that when people turn old, all they need is time and attention. We can provide them with valuable time and company.

How can we help?

We have both male and female nurses and caregivers to provide quality services to your loved ones. Our staff is trained according to the latest methods and techniques which really help the patient in recovering. We provide shifts in two slots; one shift is for 12 hours and the other is for 24 hours. You can hire the shift you think is best suited for your patient.

In order to find details about our elderly care services in Lahore as well as other cities, you can call us at UAN: 03 111 678 679

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