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Holistic Healthcare Services believes that elderly people are the most fragile individuals of society. As they grow old, they become more vulnerable and they need more care. We have been taking care of elderly patients and individuals for over a decade now. We are also one of the pioneers of healthcare services in Pakistan. We firmly believe that caring for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors of any society. In order to provide the best elderly care services to our patients and clients, we have a specialized team of staff that includes nurses, attendants, caregivers, physiotherapists, and speech therapists, who are experienced, qualified, and trained to look after Elderly Care Services in Rawalpindi with special love and attention.

Our team of caregivers and nurses offer eldercare service in the ambiance of your own home for your loved ones. Our certified staff members provide all kind of services that your elderly one might need. We cater not just to the wellness of the elderly one’s health, but also realize that when someone ages, their basic needs and requirements change as well according to their age and the environment they are living in.

What is Elderly Care?

Elderly care, also known as eldercare or respite care refers to loving, caring and appreciating elderly ones in your house. It not only includes your own loved ones, but also other senior individuals living around you. When our loved ones grow old, they need more attention and even more care. They don’t demand worldly assets; all they need is kindness and love from their loved ones and other people around them. It can be achieved by giving them proper time to look after them, which may include their medical and even non-medical needs, depending on the condition of the elderly individual.

What we Do?

Holistic Healthcare Services excels in providing top-notch home care services for seniors and taking care of elderly ones. Be it a female caregiver or a male caregiver for your elderly relative, our staff is the most proficient one that you will find anywhere in Rawalpindi. Our remarkable support plans for elderly and senior care look into the demands of these senior fellows and we make sure that they are fulfilled on time. Our staff ensures that they are prepared to give special care to your elderly ones as per the anxieties of your patient. We offer home attendant care services for elderly ones so that the quality of your life is not disturbed and you get the best of elder care services in the warmth of your own home.

Benefits of getting Elderly Care Services in Rawalpindi

The most important benefit of getting elderly care service in your home is that you don’t feel worried about taking care of your elderly one anymore and you feel satisfied to see them taken care of properly as you always wanted them to be. When you grow old, you need someone to listen to you, who pays attention to all your demands and needs, and who provides emotional support to you. Companionship is the other name of Elderly care. When individuals grow old, their health declines, physically and mentally, and they become very sensitive. They need someone to be with them all the time. All these problems are resolved when you seek the help of elderly care services.

How can we help?

Holistic Healthcare Services has been providing the finest elderly care services to loved ones in Rawalpindi. We have a range of special caregiving staff and management team to look after our patients with the responsibility to make them satisfied.

Our senior care service is available to you on a 12-hour shift or on a 24-hour shift, depending on the requirements of your patient. Call us on UAN: 03 111 678 679 to know more about our elderly care services in Rawalpindi. You can trust us with your elderly loved one!

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