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Holistic Healthcare Services is Pakistan’s First Certified Company to offer Home Healthcare Services, Home Nursing Services, Elderly Care Services, Patient Care Services, Physiotherapy Services, Speech Therapy, and Caregiver Services at homes of patients and elderly people in Islamabad. We have been proudly providing health care services to elder and ill patients gracefully in the comfort of their homes for more than a decade now. We focus on our patient’s good health and peace of mind with the assistance of our amazing management team and specialized staff consisting of male and female nurses, caregivers, and therapists. We work to serve you with quality and commitment.

Patient healthcare services in Islamabad

We offer the best quality patient care services for your loved ones in Islamabad. We are a certified healthcare provider, who not only understands the demands of our patients but also fulfills those needs with utmost responsibility. We aim for the improvement of our patients and for that matter, we put in all our efforts and commitment.

To know more about our efficient  Patient Care Services in Islamabad.

Elderly Care Services

We understand that life sometimes is too busy to look after your elderly loved ones, but when we are here, you don’t need to worry. We have highly trained male and female eldercare staff to look after your elderly ones with love and care in your home in Islamabad. We realize that elderly people can be a bit tricky to handle but we know all the ways to calm them down and be as friendly as they want us to be.

You can hire us for your elderly care services and be relaxed and fear-free. To know more about our Elderly Care Services in Islamabad .

Disabled Care Services

Holistic Healthcare Services has the most proficient team for disabled care services in Islamabad. If your loved one is disabled due to any reason, may it be medically, accidentally, or due to any disease or illness, our staff will take care of your patient and make sure that they begin their journey to recovery as soon as you hire them.

We are a certified firm providing disabled care services for more than a decade now and working for the betterment of our patients in numerous cities in Punjab. If you want to know more about our Disabled Care Services in Islamabad.

Physiotherapy at Home

For over a decade, we have been providing the most effective physiotherapy services in Islamabad. We have a wide range of physiotherapists who offer their services on a per session basis. These sessions can be taken daily and they usually last up to 1 hour per session.

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Speech Therapy at Home

The team at Holistic Healthcare Services knows that language is the most important way of communication and those who lack such capacity need our speech therapy services. Our speech therapists in Islamabad are specialized in this field. They assist those who have difficulty swallowing or speaking. Our speech-language pathologists have been providing speech therapy services at the home of patients in Islamabad.

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Caregiver healthcare services in Islamabad

We have been offering caregiver services for more than ten years now. We have female and male caregivers to cater to all the needs of your elderly loved ones. We not just provide medical but also non-medical assistance to your elderly loved ones.

To know more about our Caregiving Services in Islamabad.

Home healthcare services in Islamabad

Holistic Healthcare Services is providing home nursing services in Islamabad as well along with all the other healthcare services listed above. The home nursing services offered by our staff depend on the condition of the patient. We also provide a range of staff members who not just help your patient in recovering from a certain surgery or illness, but also assist in maintaining their self-confidence so they may recover sooner.

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