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Holistic Healthcare Services is the first certified company of Pakistan known for providing healthcare services to patients in major cities across Pakistan. The healthcare services offered in Jhelum include patient care services, disabled care services, caregiver services, home nursing services, and much more. We began our journey of providing healthcare services from Lahore and have expanded to several surrounding cities, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Jhelum, Gujrat, Gujranwala, and more.

We are now offering our services in Jhelum where we are taking care of patients and elderly individuals. Our staff is well equipped to provide the best of their services. Our company makes sure that our staff is well trained and capable of providing healthcare services to our patients. We train our staff and provide them with the best training with the latest techniques and methods. Only when they are perfectly capable of attending patients, are they hired to do the job.

Elderly Care Services in Jhelum

Elderly people need a lot of care as they are unable to do it themselves. Our elderly care services offered in Jhelum are professional. Our staff is committed to their work and know-how to deal with elderly people. If you hire our services, you will soon notice a great change in your elderly loved ones.

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Home Nursing Services

A wide majority of people prefer getting their medical treatment done within the vicinity of their own homes. This might include those who have a fear of hospitals, those who enjoy the comfort of their own home as well as aged people who do not wish to leave their family members. In such cases, home nursing services are the best option.

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Disabled Care Services

Disabled patients require a lot of care and for that, you can look up to our disabled care services which we now provide in the city of Jhelum as well. We have experienced and trained staff to provide disabled care services to our patients. You can hire a male or female nurse as per your requirement. Our staff will manage the patient’s health routine, medical routine and also provide them with proper care and attention.

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Patient Care Services

Holistic Healthcare Services provides patient care services to patients at their homes. We have a wide range of specialized staff who help in assisting and catering to the needs of the patients. We understand the feelings of our patients and our aim is to attend and care for them.

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Caregiver Services in Jhelum

Our company Holistic Healthcare Services provides caregiver services to its patients. The main purpose and main target of our company and staff are to deal calmly with the patients. Our services include attending to the patients and doing their work. Family members who cannot afford to take care of their loved ones or find it impossible to attend them due to their workload can get the best of our services.

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Our staff and management team are always working to provide you with the best services in the comfort of your home. We offer most of the above-listed services on a 12-hour shift or a 24-hour shift. Contact us today at UAN: 03 111 678 679 to talk to our healthcare provider.

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