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Holistic Healthcare Service is the first certified company in Pakistan that provides healthcare services to patients and the elderly at their homes in Lahore. Some of the healthcare services we provide in Lahore include home nursing services, patient care services, disabled care services, speech therapy, elderly care services, physiotherapy services, and more.

We have been serving our patients for over a decade now. Our main focus is on the health and well-being of the patient. Our staff assists patients in their daily activities and treats them with great love and care. Hiring our services would be the best option that you could choose for your loved ones.

Our staff is responsible and has great expertise in dealing with patients. Our staff consists of male and female nurses, caregivers, patient attendants, therapists, and physiotherapists. We work to serve you with quality and contentment. We have been serving in all areas and localities of Lahore, including Gulberg, DHA, Bahria Town, Model Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Muslim Town, Ichra, Shadman, and more. The services we offer in Lahore are listed below:

Patient Care/Healthcare Services in Lahore

Patient care means taking care of the patient within their home after they have had an accident, surgery or if they are suffering from any other complication. We offer the best patient care service for your loved one. Our staff understands the pain and suffering of the patient and fulfills their needs, from bathing, changing, brushing, eating, exercising, and more. We hope and aim for the improvement of the patient and this is why we put in our maximum effort.

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Elderly Care with Healthcare Services in Lahore

Elderly care means taking care of elderly and aged people who are unable to take care of themselves. We at Holistic Healthcare Services provide elderly care services to patients and the elderly at their homes. We understand how old age can be difficult and how being dependent upon family members can be great pain. For that matter, we are here to provide you with the best elderly care services.

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Disabled Care Service

Disabled care means taking care of patients who are mentally or physically disabled. We offer disabled care services to our patients. Our staff is well trained and knows how to treat disabled patients. Treating patients who are disabled can be a tough and challenging task, and can be very difficult for family members. However, our staff can handle all kinds of disabled patients, whether they have a physical disability or a mental disability.

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Physiotherapy Services

Holistic Healthcare Services provides physiotherapy sessions at home for patients who need it. Physiotherapy is an extremely important service required by elderly people as it helps them to get relief from muscle spasms, muscular contractions, stiffness, numbness, and other kinds of pain. It also helps in strength building and improves mobility. Physiotherapy helps patients attain freedom and also keeps them active during the day.

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Speech Therapy Services

Apart from offering patient care, elderly care, and Healthcare Services in Lahore, we also offer speech therapy services in Lahore for patients who have problems with their speech. Speech therapy is quite important for such patients and not everyone can deal with speech-related issues.

We have excellent speech pathologists and therapists who have great expertise in providing speech therapy services. Our therapists can provide services to both kids and elderly individuals to help with any problems in communicating, swallowing, and eating. These problems may be due to any kind of disability, speech and language impairment, and cognitive impairment.

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Caregiver Services

Caregivers play a very important role in providing physical, mental, and spiritual care to their loved ones. Providing your loved ones with a caregiver means you no longer have to worry about your loved ones since they are now in good and safe hands.

Our staff is trained and experienced and we excel in making our patients happy and contented with our services. We provide assistance not only in medical care but also in the non-medical care unit. We provide one of the finest caregiver services in Lahore.

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Home Nursing Service with Healthcare Services in Lahore

Patients may demand to get their treatment done in their homes due to comfort level or out of hatred for the hospitals. We offer Healthcare Services in Lahore for patients who need them. Our staff consists of both male and female nurses has who have a lot of experience in handling patients at their homes.

Family members can also be at ease knowing that their patient is in front of their eyes and getting the best of treatment.

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Psychotherapy Services

We are proud to offer psychotherapy services to patients at their homes in Lahore. Our team of psychotherapists is highly educated and they understand the issues concerning patients suffering from psychotic disorders. Our therapists can provide supportive therapy, psychological therapy, individual therapy, as well as an integrative therapy.

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Dementia Care Services

Patients suffering from dementia often show signs of behavioral and psychological changes, memory loss, language and speech problems, attention problems, and so on. Such patients need extra care and attention because they may be suffering from balance and coordination problems, visual problems, hallucinations, and delusions, sleep issues, lethargy, and even eating disorders. Dealing with such patients can be a difficult task.

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‘The Second Home’ Old Age Home

As much as our heart pains to see people leaving their aged parents and relatives at our Healthcare organization, we cannot help it. However, we have excellent facilities for old-aged people at ‘The Second Home,’ a friendly old age home running solely for elderly people. We provide a friendly, comfortable, and relaxed environment to elderly people living at our old age home. Our staff understands their sufferings and is constantly taking care of these people.

Our old age home is equipped with many facilities provided for the ease of such people. We try to make them feel like they are at home and make sure that all their needs are met. Our staff handles them and treats them with love and care.

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How can we help with Healthcare Services in Lahore?

At Holistic Healthcare Services, we offer a wide range of services that we provide to our patients. Our well-trained and professional staff is extremely capable of dealing with all kinds of patients.

After hiring our services, you will definitely notice a great improvement in the health of your loved ones. If you want to know more about our services, then give us a call at UAN: 03 111 678 679 to talk with our health care professional. You can trust us with your loved ones as we promise to treat them with great care and attention. You no longer need to worry about handling them as we are just a call away.

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