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The speed of recovery of a patient is always better if they are at their home as compared to the hospital. This is because the patient feels more comfortable in the home environment and they are less stressed. At the hospital, patients may get medical treatment and monitoring as per their physician’s instructions, but what if similar or even better support can be provided at their home? Home Nursing Services in Gujrat is globally recognized for taking care of patients at their homes with equal quality and responsibility as provided by hospitals.

Holistic Healthcare Services is doing exactly that for over a decade and aims at helping patients who are under treatment at their homes in the future as well. We are the finest home nursing service providers in various cities of Punjab, including the city of Gujrat. Our staff is highly skilled in managing any kind of emergency and can treat any kind of patient at any time of the hour. They do what they are taught to do, which includes monitoring, supporting, and counseling patients in their homes.

What is Home Nursing?

Home nursing services are provided when a patient is stable enough to get discharged from a hospital yet still needs proper supervision and nursing care as they are still under treatment. Home nursing not only includes medical support but also includes non-medical support given to the patient, depending on their health and situation.

Benefits of Home Nursing Services

Listed below are some of the benefits you can avail yourself by getting home nursing services:

  • The patient is properly monitored and in case of any emergency, they are given first aid immediately by the skilled home nursing staff appointed for them.
  • Their recovery process is well managed and in case of any doubt, their physician is informed and safety measures are taken on time.
  • The family of the patient is relieved to know that home nursing care is looking after their loved one just as they would have managed at the hospital.
  • The patient feels less stressed as they are more comfortable in their home.

What we offer with Home Nursing Services in Gujrat?

Holistic Healthcare Services has always been passionate about helping our patients. For that matter, we have trained and highly qualified staff members who understand that patients of any kind are not easy to handle. They may be frustrated after staying at the hospital for long and all they need now is love and care with the medication and therapies that they need as advised by their healthcare provider.

Similarly, the home nursing services that we offer to your loved ones may include the following:

  • Post Hospitalization care
  • Orthopedic and wound care
  • Management Urine catheterization & bags
  • Oxygen administration
  • Ventilator and Telemonitoring
  • Vitals monitoring (Blood pressure, Glucose, Pulse, Respiratory rate, etc.)
  • IV infusions, injections, and suture removal
  • NG Tube and Feed management
  • Mucus Suction and Tracheostomy management
  • Management of Tubes, Drains, and Bags
  • Counseling with the patient and updating their family about patient condition

These are not the only services we provide that fall under home nursing care.

Contact us for Home Nursing Services in Gujrat

If you need home nursing care services in Gujrat, you can trust us. We will provide you with a dedicated staff member that we find best suited for your patient. Our home nursing services in Gujrat are available on a 12-hour shift or on a 24-hour shift. Call Holistic Healthcare Services at UAN: 03 111 678 679 to know more about our in-house premium nursing services. Be sure to check our patient care services in Gujrat and elderly care services in Gujrat as well.

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