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Holistic Healthcare Services is a certified company based in Lahore that provides home nursing services to patients and elderly people in Lahore and surrounding cities. We take great pride in serving patients and elderly individuals at the comfort of their homes.

It is a common fact that when people get old, they feel uncomfortable anywhere else but their homes. This is the reason they want to get their treatment done in their own homes. Sadly, there aren’t many organizations and healthcare providers in our country that provide Home Nursing Services, but we are one of the pioneers in providing home care and nursing services to patients at their homes.

What is Home Nursing Service?

Home nursing care means taking care of the patients’ needs in the vicinity of their homes. After this service is hired, the patient would no longer have to go to the hospital to get them checked. All their treatment and care will be done in their homes.

A staff member from our company will reach the patients’ location and take full responsibility of the patient. This can be of great relief especially for the family members as they will then be relieved of the duty of handling their loved one. Moreover, the patient or elderly individual will get proper treatment.

What do we do?

We have a well-trained and experienced staff that aims to serve our patients and to make them feel comfortable. Our staff understands the pain and suffering of the patients and realizes that they are going through a rough patch.

Our staff is well equipped to provide treatment to patients at their homes along with providing care and treatment similar to that of a hospital. Some of our home nursing services include:

  • Taking the patient to the bathroom, getting them changed, and maintaining their personal hygiene
  • Being a good listener to them and giving them good company
  • Taking care of their medication and follow-ups to the doctor
  • Helping the patient in getting back towards normal routine in life
  • Taking patients out to the park or to get some fresh air
  • Paying attention to their social life
  • and much more

It is not necessary that only patients who are sick hire our services. Our services are not only for the ill and sick but for everyone who is lonely, has depression, and needs some good company. Our team will be at your doorstep to begin their duties as faithful friends in order to help the patient and their family. When it comes to providing home nursing services, we have male and female nurses, caregivers, and attendants who can provide these services. We also have trained and qualified physiotherapists who can give physiotherapy sessions to patients at their homes.

Get Home Nursing Services in Lahore

When it comes to providing nursing care to patients at their homes, we offer shifts in two slots: one is a 12-hour shift and the other is a 24-hour shift. You can hire the shift you think is best suited for your patient. In order to find details about our home nursing services in Lahore, you can call us at UAN: 03 111 678 679 for details.

Hire our services and let your loved ones benefit from the good care and company that they deserve.

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