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We all have a relative or someone in our close circle who has reached a certain age where they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Or, we might be familiar with someone who has a disability which renders them incapable of looking after themselves. When it comes to the matter of the well-being of our loved ones, we make sure no stone is left unturned. These situations can be stressful and could end up being devastating if proper care is not provided. In these times, we must acquire professional medical attention and care. However, in the present time and age, finding a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable medical attendant services in faisalabad might seem like a dreadful task.

Therefore, keeping all your concerns and apprehensions in account, we have brought forward the best possible medical aid right at your doorstep for you. It is evident that most of us prefer our loved ones to get treated in front of our eyes, and our mission is to provide exactly that. Our Medical attendant services in Faisalabad provide the most reliable and efficient at-home medical service. If your old parents need a helping hand with their medical routines, we are here to help. If your loved ones are in a need of professional medical care but constant trips to the hospital sound like a tiresome option, we are here to help. Holistic Healthcare Services offer to bring the expertise of hospital-based doctors from the comfort of your homes with our medical attendant services in Faisalabad.

Services provided by our medical attendants:

At-home Medical attendant services in Faisalabad:

Our Private Medical Attendants at home in Faisalabad are the most competent and efficient attendants in town. The level of delicacy they practice in their daily tasks is promising and consistent. Our at home medical attendants have an expertise in providing both medical and non-medical services. On top of that, our Private Medical Attendants at home in Faisalabad provide the most comfortable and friendly environment for our clients to recover and get better. This practice ensures a better and faster progress of your loved ones as compared to a bland hospital treatment.

Medical Services:

Our first and foremost priority is to bring proper professional medical care for you at your home. Hence, our Male or Female medical attendants in Faisalabad are fully equipped and trained to provide every necessary medical service required. Therefore, some of the medical services include:

  • Vital Signs Monitoring/Recording
  • IV/IM Injectable Administration
  • Oxygen Monitoring
  • NG Tube/PEG Tube Management
  • Bedsore Management
  • Foley Catheterization

Non-medical Services:

Similarly, our medical attendants have professional training in providing appropriate non-medical care. These services help in maintaining trust and a comfortable relationship between both, the client and the medical attendant. These services include:

  • Bed Bath
  • Sponge Bath
  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance
  • Assistance In Exercise and Walking
  • Turing Position for Bedridden Elderly
  • Diaper Changing
  • Dressing, Grooming
  • General Body Care
  • Hygiene Maintenance
  • Travel Assistance and Physio Exercises

Other Services:

One of the most vital duty of a medical attendant is to keep track of the patient’s progress. For this purpose, the medical attendant should be obstinate and attentive. Hence, our professional medical attendants make sure to keep every minor detail of the patient’s condition in account, so that every possible inconvenience could be calculated in advance. This ensures a resolute and fast progress of the patient. The respective assisting managers then, after receiving the patient’s medical reports on a weekly basis, instruct the attendants accordingly.

Why choose Medical attendant services in Faisalabad?

The one thing that makes our medical attendants different from the others is their steadfastness and determination. Our medical attendants make sure to go over the top to provide a medical treatment that is both professional and friendly at the same time. Everyone wants a medical attendant who is brilliant in his job with the ability to recognize the most minor casualties instantly. This induces a better sense of reliability in the clients towards the medical attendants. Additionally, it ensures that their loved ones are in good hands.

Contact us for Medical attendant services in Faisalabad:

In order to avail the services of the best medical attendants, call and book Holistic HealthCare Services right now. We offer you the comfort and peace of your mind, because your health comes first. Moreover, a WhatsApp group is formed between the client and the coordinating managers for the upholding of proper communication. This group ensures quick and urgent responses towards any sort of queries from the client. We provide an experience you won’t ever regret. So, hurry up and book our home medical support services right now.

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