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We live in a time and age where everything is available on our doorsteps. We opt to choose for the best especially when it comes to medical attendant services in Islamabad. Unfortunately, it is impossible for a person to be entirely sure about the authenticity of at-home services. As a result, we often find ourselves incapable of providing proper care for our loved ones in need. Clients are always anxious about the type of staff they can allow in their house. At that time, their foremost and utmost concern is the safety and security of the people they care about.

Therefore, to rid you of the constant doubts and qualms such as these, we created the best door-to-door health care service for you, Holistic Healthcare Service. Holistic Healthcare Service has dedicated its relentless efforts to provide you with the finest and the most reliable aid. We provide highly professional male or female medical attendants in Islamabad at your doorstep. If your parents or your loved ones require some extra medical care for a post-hospitalization recovery or at-home medical services for chronic disease, we are only a booking away. Thus, in order to arrange bookings for professional health care assistance, reach us right now.

Holistic Healthcare Services in Islamabad:

At-home services:

Holistic Healthcare Service is one of the most reliable and affordable healthcare services in Islamabad. We provide numerous services, covering every requirement of our patients in need. To ease your way through the days of distress, our certified medical attendants and caregivers in Islamabad have been exceptionally trained. We offer complete 12 to 24-hour bedside care for your loved ones. Our healthcare attendants have specialized in performing both medical and non-medical care for our patients.

Medical Services:

Some of the major medical services include Vital Signs Monitoring/Recording, IV/IM Injectable Administration, Oxygen Monitoring, NG Tube/PEG Tube Management, Bedsore Management, Foley Catheterization,  etc.

Non-medical Services:

Non-medical services are just as important as medical services if not more. Our private medical attendants at home in Islamabad have expertise in this field. we offer numerous non-medical services such as bed bath, sponge bath, oral hygiene maintenance, feeding and bathroom assistance, assistance in exercise and walking, Turing position for bedridden elderly, and temperature, general and grocery shopping trips, Diaper Changing, Eating Assistance, Toileting Assistance, Dressing, Grooming, Bathing, General Body Care, Hygiene Maintenance, Travel Assistance, and Physio Exercises.

Other Services:

Another one of the most vital duties of our medical attendants is maintaining a record of all patient progress. They provide deep attention to detail, keeping even the most minor action of the patient in the account. Which includes everyday data regarding, medicine doses, schedules, and vitals such as; blood pressure, sugar level, respiration, pulse rate. This data helps in keeping a record of the patient’s medical history. Moreover, this report is daily conveyed to the nursing managers to keep a track of the patient’s everyday progress.

Why choose our medical attendant services in Islamabad?

What makes our medical attendants better than others? The answer is simple. There is nothing better than a humble and polite medical assistant who understands your needs and requirements instantly. Which is why, our medical attendants have been trained especially for that. We provide the best certified medical attendants at home in Islamabad. Our staff makes sure to provide the best friendly environment in the field. In times of distress, unattended mental care could induce a long-lasting effect. To deal with such conditions our medical attendants are familiar with all types of stress management. Moreover, our professionals go over the top to deliver efficiency and positive results to our patients. In conclusion, our medical attendants are observant, proactive in identifying needs with an ability to analyze the most minor technicalities immediately.


In order to book the best In-Home Assistant Nursing Services, call us right now. We provide the service of the most certified and qualified male or female medical attendants in Islamabad. Your ease of mind and body is always our main priority. On top of the numerous services provided by Holistic Healthcare Services, we are greatly concerned about the satisfaction of our clients. A WhatsApp group between the client, their family, and relevant managers is formed to keep us updated with all client issues and queries. The sole purpose of this group is to have the managers resolve any matters or queries of the clients on the spot.

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