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Nowadays, hospitals and health care services have gained more popularity as compared to the times of before. For the betterment of mankind, new and advanced medical technology is being introduced every day. Likewise, we rely greatly on professional Medical Attendant Services in Lahore provided to us by hospitals and medical clinics. However, regardless of the health care protocols followed by the management of a hospital, one can never be entirely satisfied. Unless a hospital provides treatment with the comfort of a home. Similarly, the environment of a hospital might fail to offer complete individual attention and care that a patient may need. Going to the hospital every day for checkups to maintain health care for your loved ones may be a hectic job.

Therefore, in order to gain maximum care and attention, Holistic Healthcare Services offers to bring the hospital to you. No more unnecessary trips to the hospital, no more doubts about the unsanitary conditions, no more waiting in line to be attended by a professional. We offer to bring it all to your doorstep. Holistic Healthcare services have worked endlessly to introduce the best medical attendant services in Lahore. If your loved ones need some extra care to recover from a chronic disease or require post-surgery treatment, we are here to help. We offer both Male and Female medical attendants in Lahore because your comfort is our first priority.

At-Home Medical and Non-Medical Services:


We offer numerous medical services and aid for you and your loved ones with proper legitimacy and reliability. Our medical professionals have been exceptionally trained to fulfil every need and requirement of our client. Moreover, our best certified medical attendants at home in Lahore offer a complete 12 to 24-hour bed care service for your loved ones depending on their needs. Our healthcare attendants have been trained to perform both medical and non-medical services for our patients.

Medical Services:

Medical-related services must be handled efficiently and carefully. Given that, many people prefer to visit a hospital in order to avail proper medical assistance. With this intention, our medical attendants and nurses have dedicated their services to provide you with a complete at-home hospital experience. Our medical services include:

  • Vital Signs Monitoring/Recording
  • IV/IM Injectable Administration
  • Oxygen Monitoring
  • NG Tube/PEG Tube Management
  • Bedsore Management
  • Foley Catheterization

Non-Medical Services:

Non-Medical services have equal importance in a patient’s recovery as medical services. Keeping that in mind, our Private Medical Attendants at home in Lahore have been trained to work under all circumstances with competence. Hence, some of our non-medical services include:

  • Bed Bath
  • Sponge Bath
  • Assistance In Exercise and Walking
  • Turing Position for Bedridden Elderly
  • Diaper Changing
  • Eating Assistance
  • Toileting Assistance
  • Dressing & Grooming
  • General Body Care
  • Hygiene Maintenance
  • Travel Assistance And Physio Exercises

Other Services:

Another important duty of our medical attendants is to maintain a record of all patient medical activities and progress. Additionally, they make sure to keep a close eye on even the most insignificant detail, so that they could promptly evaluate any possible health risks and deal with them instantaneously. The data they record includes information regarding medicine doses, schedules, and vitals such as; blood pressure, sugar level, respiration, pulse rate. Furthermore, to maintain a progress report, the respective assisting managers record this data.

Why Choose our Medical Attendant Services in Lahore?

The health and wellbeing of your loved ones are just as important to us as it is to you. Our medical attendants are vigilant and proactive in identifying needs with an ability to analyze the most minor details immediately. Our medical attendants go over the top to provide the best medical aid for our patients. Medical attendants should be humble and kind. Treatment in a friendly environment is essential for every patient. In this way, the patient could recover more quickly and comfortably. Therefore, our medical attendant at home in Lahore makes sure to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Not only that, we provide services in all areas of Lahore including, Johar Town, Model Town, DHA, Valencia, etc.

How do we work with Medical Attendant Services in Lahore?

To avail our services, you must send text/Whatsapp message with details such as Patient’s name, Contact Person’s Name, Patient’s Medical history and condition and complete address where services are required on our helpline 03-111-678-679

After your query is generated we require a few days to arrange the best suitable staff for your loved one. Furthermore, a WhatsApp group between our clients and managers is formed to maintain proper communication regarding services feedback/concerns and accounts. This group ensures rapid responses of the relevant managers, regarding every possible query of our client. After receiving the monthly invoice through whatsapp group, the client has to pay into the company’s Bank Account.

Therefore, book our at-home services at once. Because, when it comes to health, quality matters.
For more questions and concerns, do not hesitate to contact us 03-111-678-679

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