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Medical Equipment and Apparatus

We can import medicines, medical devices, and equipment for patients and hospitals from all over the world (subject to law).
If you or your patient requires any prescribed medicine that is not available in Pakistan. We are certified to import it from any country of your choice.

Medical Gowns (PPE)

First time in Pakistan, Holistic Healthcare providing CE and FDA-approved MEDICAL GOWNS for all those peoples who are working or living with COVID19 positive Patients.

Features of Gown Fabric:

  • Composed of Woven fabric consisted of 100% polyester filament yarns.
    Its inner part is completely absorbent and can absorb moisture while its outer layer is completely repellent to all liquids
  • It has been laminated on the outside with a special material that helps to trap and kills viruses and other microbes. This material is also durable for washing and laundering and can be reused after several washes. We claim it can be used up till 20 washes.
    As it is made of 100% polyester, it has very good strength.
  • It reduces the load on medical waste, which is going to be a huge problem in the coming future.
  • It is lightweight and gives some comfortability as compared to nonwovens

Wheel Chair

We understand that when buying a wheelchair, you want to get it right the first time. Naturally, you want the best possible product at a price you can afford.

We can help you choose a wheelchair out of a range of wheelchairs to suit any user requirements. Choose from transit wheelchairs that are attendant assisted, to self-propelled wheelchairs with larger rear wheels to allow the user to push themselves along.

We can also help you get a lightweight or folding wheelchair so you can get out and about. We can even help you get the larger barbaric wheelchairs for maximum strength and rigidity. Whatever it is you’re after, we can get it for you.

wheel chair 4 - copy

suction machine 1

Suction Machine

A suction machine is an appliance that is used to remove substances from a person’s airway. These substances may include blood, saliva, mucus, and vomit. These machines are used for respiratory therapy or care.

Also known as aspirators, these tracheostomy-care devices are used to remove obstructions from a person’s airway. If you need a suction machine for a patient, let us know and we will help you arrange for it.

We make sure that the suction machine we give you is of the highest quality that will take care of the needs of the patient. We also make sure that we get you the best possible product at a price that suits your budget.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter is a device that is used to measure the oxygen level, also known as oxygen saturation, of the blood. The device or apparatus is used to carry out a test called pulse oximetry, a non-invasive method used to monitor a person’s oxygen saturation level.

We can get you Pulse Oximeter at the best price in Pakistan with an official warranty and express shipping or delivery right at your doorstep to help you take care of your loved one.

pulse-oximeter 2

Medical Air Mattress

Medical Air Mattress, also known as Alternating Pressure Mattress or an Air Hospital Bed is a carefully designed mattress that is designed for greater comfort and enhanced circulation of patients who are bed-ridden.

A medical air mattress plays a vital role in preventing and treating serious ailments related to extended bed rest. These ailments often include bedsores, also known as pressure sores, and skin shearing.

Contact us to order an air mattress for your loved one. Our staff will come to your home to install the air mattress for your patient.

Oxygen Cylinder

An oxygen cylinder is used to transport compressed oxygen gas. Oxygen cylinders are used in hospitals to artificially administer oxygen to patients who may be in critical condition. The oxygen storage vessel may either hold oxygen under pressure in a gas cylinder, or it may hold it in its liquid form in a cryogenic storage tank.

Patients can also have the oxygen cylinder installed at home for ease and convenience. Let us help you get an oxygen cylinder that meets your needs.


A medical ventilator, known simply as a ventilator, is a mechanical ventilator, a machine designed to move breathable air into and out of the lungs. A ventilator helps provide breathing for a patient who is physically unable to breathe or is breathing insufficiently.

If your loved one needs a ventilator, let us arrange it for you.

12.1 inch Multi-Parameter Monitor

The 12.1-inch Multi-Parameter Monitor is used for checking multiple parameters of a sick person which are vital signs like heart rate, oxygen saturation, ECG lead, respiration, and temperature. The parameters are automatically monitored and the Multi-Parameter Monitor will display values regularly as per pre-adjusted time.

Digital Thermometer

A digital thermometer is used to take the oral temperature of an individual. It is a small hand-held device with a “window” showing your temperature in numbers. There are many kinds of digital thermometers available in the market today. Most digital thermometers are easy to use and measure body temperature within seconds.

Let us help you arrange a digital thermometer for your patient or loved one so you can monitor any fluctuations in their body temperature easily.

There are three kinds of thermometers available for use:

  • Mercury Thermometer
  • Digital, automatic, Thermometer
  • Thermo scanner

Drip Stand

Drip stand is used to hang drips. It is adjustable to maintain a certain height accordingly either upward or downward. A Drip Stand is an essential piece of medical equipment that is needed for patients who are regularly administered drips.

If you need a drip stand for your patient at home, contact us and let us help you arrange a drip stand for you.

Bed Pan

Bed Pan is used for bedridden sick persons to help them pass stool in lying position easily.

Blood Pressure Digital

There are three kinds of BP Apparatus are available for use:

  • Mercury BP Apparatus
  • Digital, automatic, manual BP Apparatus
  • Analog BP Apparatus

These devices are used to monitor the blood pressure of a sick person from time to time and to maintain record.

Let us arrange a Blood Pressure Digital Apparatus for you.

Hill Room Bed

There are many kinds of patient beds available for sick persons according to requirements.

Single action, double action, multi-action, automatic electronic. No matter the kind of bed you want for your patient, let us know so we can arrange it for you.

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