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Our life is moving very fast, and it is very difficult to keep up with the pace of life in this modern age. Especially in Karachi, (the business hub of Pakistan), we are busy improving our standard of living. Patient care services in Karachi residents value their health and well-being. Moreover, managing business, travel and housework can be a difficult task for many locals. They rarely have time to go to the clinic for regular check-ups and treatment.

Do the above lines trigger something in your mind?

May God has mercy upon all of us but sometimes a man may see some crucial situations in life. Besides this, when your loved ones suffer from a depleted condition, they struggle very hard to perform their daily routine activities. However, if you want to support them, your schedule does not allow you. As a result, you feel miserable, and they remain poorly unattended.

So, what to do? How to find help in Karachi?

Looking for the patient care services of trained and specialist caretakers at home in Karachi? Then you’re in the right place. The Holistic Healthcare Services offer the best patient care services at home in Karachi that provides palliative care at the comfort of your home. It is one of the best privately owned agencies. Along with that, we provide licensed and trained patient care employees who are proficient in their fields. In addition, we have special home patient care packages for patients of all ages and needs.

Our passionate patient care professionals provide care to elders and highly dependent patients in complex medical conditions. Moreover, they are skilled and sympathetic caretakers and look after the patients and can effectively help in day-to-day life activities. They will provide an individual service that you can trust. We provide medical and non-medical support seven days a week.

Give quality care to your loved ones that you can trust.

What is patient care?

Patient care means caring and paying attention to patients who are unable to take care of themselves. Further, the patient himself may be sick, injured, mentally, or physically disabled so that he cannot perform the task himself. Therefore, Holistic Healthcare Services provides patient care to patients who need it.

Many medical conditions such as arthritis, physical disability, age-related conditions, and surgical wounds prevent patients from taking care of themselves and therefore, require long-term care at home.

Patient care services are a blessing for these people: those who are old / who are weak or inactive / have medical complexity / who are physically disable / who need technical help.

We offer the care you want at home by showing greater empathy with patients and establishing an emotional relationship with them as well as their families. Moreover, they prove themselves to be friends of your loved ones. They not only provide medical assistance to them but also give them psychological counselling.

High-Level Services

Do our medical services meet the standard of high-level hospital services? Yes, people choose us for our dedicated, reliable, and effective services. We provide home-registered and specialized patient care services that will look for loved ones before your eyes. Along with that, they received enough training to provide high-quality professional medical care and they also try to make older patients safer and more comfortable. In addition, senior doctors and paramedical staff support and check their performance accordingly.

In addition, we offer both short and long-term patient care services in Karachi. These include post-surgery care, nursing care reception, or nursing for adolescents with illness, mental or physical disabilities. We also offer our services for special children.

Why pick us?

Our team has years of specialized experience to provide professional services. We have a versatile team of certified nurses and attendees who are good at doing professional service. Moreover, they understand that patients with special disabilities need special personal attention. In addition, the agency has designed a completely transparent system to stay with the patient at every stage of the process. Furthermore, our employees are thoroughly reviewed, and best medical practices and guidelines are followed.

What do we offer?

We have packages and services to help every type of patient. It depends on the patient’s illness and the type of service needed. Some of the patient care services we offer include:

  • General care of patients at home
  • Caring for men and women
  • Male and female caretakers for patients with disabilities
  • Supervise patients
  • Emotional care – companionship and conversation
  • Administration in taking medicines
  • Help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, feeding, etc.
  • Let other family members know about the patient’s health
  • Manage medical and caring procedures such as the management of urinary catheters, skincare around the mainline, etc.

Advantages of Patient care services in karachi at home:

  • Patients recover faster at home
  • Our staff assists the patient in your absence
  • You get patient care in the comfort of your home
  • Get rid of unnecessary hospitalization
  • Better health outcomes


To get our best and registered Patient Care Services (male and female) at home who provide palliative care to your loved one’s ring us at UAN # 03-111-678-679 and get our in-house patient care services in Karachi.

Moreover, we are not limited to the city of lights (Karachi). Therefore, you can also avail of our services.

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Faisalabad

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