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Holistic Healthcare Services is Pakistan’s first certified company to offer speech therapy for kids, adults, and elderly ones at their homes in Islamabad. We have a range of specialized speech-language pathologists who assist patients with problems in communicating, eating, and swallowing problems due to any disability, disease, or illness.

Our managerial staff makes sure that each and our speech therapists offering at-home services are experienced and qualified in giving speech therapy sessions to both kids and adults. Our therapists are well trained as per the requirement of a new era and all the therapists are segregated on the basis of age. The speech therapist dealing with kids makes their patients fall in love the moment they initiate therapy sessions. Likewise, the therapists dealing with adults and elderly ones are full of inspiration to boost the morale of their patients up high the second they start interacting.

What is Speech Therapy?

A speech disorder refers to a problem in producing actual sounds of certain or all words, whereas a language disorder is a problem of putting all words together to communicate with others. The resolution of both these problems combined is the process of speech therapy.

Speech therapy helps and improves communication skills in kids, adults, and elderly people with language issues. It is a study of human communication, its disorders, and its development. With its specialized therapies and mouth muscle exercises, one can start communicating much more clearly and easily.

What do We offer with Speech Therapy Services in Islamabad?

Holistic Healthcare Services helps its patients in building skills by working with them in one-on-one sessions, that too in their own homes. We have expertise in speech therapy, and our therapists provide their services in the form of assistance as well as reviews and make sure that whatever age of the patient, our efforts are made fruitful with the help of different exercises and therapies.

We also offer speech therapy for stroke patients and different kinds of language therapy to cater to every kind of patient. Our speech therapists, also known as (SLP) speech-language pathologists, provide a wide number of services, starting with the screening process, giving different exercises, therapies and finally ending up in every patient being happy and more self-confident than ever before. Apart from offering these services in Islamabad, we also offer speech therapy services in Lahore.

Benefits of getting Speech Therapy Services

One of the most important benefits of getting a speech therapy session is that through therapies, a speech therapist can find out what kind of language problem the patient is going through. They also figure out its causes and then decide the best language therapy for the problem a patient is suffering from. Speech therapy exercise helps a patient speak more clearly, which helps them in boosting up their confidence. They begin working better in society and their mental condition improves emotionally as well as socially.

How can we help with Speech Therapy Services in Islamabad?

Holistic Healthcare Services provides one of the finest speech therapy services in Islamabad. Our specialized and proficiently trained speech therapists know the importance of speech for everyone. They work very hard to make sure that all their patients are at least able to convey what they want to say. We give special attention to elderly patients, adults, or kids, so they can be content and satisfied at the end of each session. We treat all our patients equally regardless of their color, caste, and creed because we understand that caring for a patient doesn’t need a specification. It just needs love and care.

Our service of speech therapy at home is available to your loved ones on a per-session basis. Call UAN # 03-111-678-679. for more information and queries about speech therapy services in Islamabad. Your loved ones can communicate better now when we are here to help!

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