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Holistic Healthcare Services has been providing healthcare services to its patients for many years and we are now offering caregiver services in Peshawar city as well. The main aim of the company is to take care of our patients so that their family members can get relieved of the burden of handling their loved ones.

We have a well-managed staff which consists of male and female nurses. We give special training to our staff so that they are able to handle the patients properly. Patients are extremely happy and satisfied with our caregiving and nursing staff and our services are the finest ones in town. We started off from Lahore and expanded our services to Islamabad, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala and now offer our services in the city of Peshawar.

What is Caregiving?

Caregiving means taking care of the patient and satisfying his/her needs. It is the responsibility of the staff who is hired to deal with the patient and to be there with him during his illness.

Some patients require more care while some have mild illnesses that do not require constant attention. Nevertheless, our staff is suited to meet the needs of all kinds of patients and at all times. You will notice a great change in your patient if you hire our service.

Benefits of getting Caregiver Services in Peshawar

Hiring our nursing staff to get caregiving services would be a very good option for the family members of the patient since it can be hard to take care of the patient at all times. Taking care of the patient involves a lot of work and a lot of responsibility which is why hiring caregiving services will be the best option.

Hire our caregiving services and feel the change in the condition of your patient. Family members can go out and live life the way they want to as their patients will no longer be dependent on them.

What we do?

Holistic Healthcare Services provides a lot of caregiving services to our patients. Some of the caregiving services we offer include:

  • Bathing and feeding the patient
  • Being friends with the patient
  • Speech therapy sessions, offered by our speech therapists
  • Physiotherapy sessions offered by our physiotherapists
  • Following the medical routine of the patient
  • Taking the patient out for a walk or to attend a party
  • Maintaining their hygiene
  • Informing the family members about the patient condition and feedback

For more information about our caregiver services in Peshawar, visit our services section or call us at UAN: 03 111 678 679

How can we help with Caregiver Services in Peshawar?

Everyone wishes for an easy life, one that is without any kind of problems. We are here to make your life easy. We are just a phone call away to provide the best service to you.

If you want to know more about the caregiving services we offer in Peshawar, you can give us a call on UAN: 03 111 678 679 right away. We will be very happy to provide our services to you and our staff is extremely talented and welcoming. They know their job and how to treat their patients.

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