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Holistic Healthcare Services provides reliable and trusted disabled care services to patients in Lahore. We as human beings are quite ungrateful and never realize the blessings by which we are surrounded. Life is generally extremely tough for disabled patients. They have to depend on others for their work and it can be quite challenging for the family members to take care of their loved ones at home.

The main aim and purpose of our company are to provide quality disabled care services to our patients to ease their suffering as well as to help their family members. We train our staff with the latest methods and techniques suited for this job and then employ them and entrust them with the responsibility of handling patients.

What is Disabled Care?

Disabled care means to care for those patients who are mentally or physically ill. This disability might be from childhood or might have occurred recently following an accident or mental stress. It could also be due to old age. Such patients require extra care especially those who are mentally ill as they do not have any sense about what is happening.

Disabled patients include men, women, young or old as well as children of all ages. Special treatment is required for such patients and we feel that just like every other person, they deserve the same kind of care and respect.

What do we do?

At Holistic Healthcare Services, we employ staff after a lot of consideration since handling disabled patients is not easy. We have male and female nurses available to serve patients so you can hire them according to your needs. Our disabled care services include:

  • Taking the patient to the washroom, maintaining their hygiene and personal grooming
  • Spending quality time with the patient
  • Indulging them in activities according to their mental and physical capacity
  • Helping the patient in physiotherapy sessions and in exercising as well
  • Managing visits to the doctor and following their medications
  • Taking them to social events, parties, and social gatherings as and when needed

We provide an excellent opportunity for family members of the disabled individual to hire such services as then their loved one will be taken care of completely. You will notice a very positive change in their attitude towards life after you hire our service. Our staff is very reliable and follows a very sensible approach in handling such patients. You no longer have to worry about your patient as they will be in safe hands once you hire our services.

Get Disabled Care Services in Lahore

We offer our disabled care services in two shifts: one is for 12 hours and the other shift is for 24 hours. You can choose the shift and the caregiver you think is best suited for your patient. You can find out more about our services by calling us on UAN: 03 111 678 679.

We assure you that we will take care of the patient and take full responsibility for managing their needs. Anytime you feel like hiring our healthcare services, you just need to call us and our staff will be there at your service. Trust us with your loved ones and you will not regret your choice!

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