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Holistic Healthcare Services has been serving its patients for many years now. We have expanded our services all over Pakistan and feel proud of the name we have created over the years. Our services are the finest ones offered to patients at their homes and we have now expanded to Elderly Care Services in Peshawar.

Our well-trained and professional staff is fit enough to deal with all kinds of patients. Our staff has the ability to take care of patients who have had accidents, are recovering from surgeries, or are mentally or physically disabled. You will notice great improvement in your loved ones after you hire our services.

What is Elderly care?

Elderly care means to take care of the elderly and aged people who are unable to take care of themselves. When people approach old age, they find it next to impossible to take care of themselves. Apart from taking care, their bones are weak and if they are suffering from an illness, then they are very dependent on other people.

It can be very hard for the family members of the senior individual to take care of their elderly loved ones because taking care involves a lot of things. Someone has to be by the side of the patient constantly. This is where elderly care service is the best option.

What do we do?

We have a very reliable and determined staff so you do not have to worry about hiring a stranger. Very soon you will notice that the bond between the patient and the nurse will be just like friends. This is what we do. We provide so much care and attention to the patient that they start to enjoy life and get comfortable with our staff.

We offer a number of elderly care services, some of which are:

  • Post hospitalization care
  • Urine bag management
  • Providing companionship to the patient
  • Taking the patient to social events and parties
  • Wound care
  • Lifting from the wheelchair and to the bed
  • Bed making and room making
  • Maintaining cleanliness
  • Personal grooming, cleaning, changing clothes, bathing, etc.
  • and more

Benefits of Elderly Care Services

Family members can be at great ease knowing that there is now someone who will look after their loved one. Even the patients will not hesitate since the staff will be at their service constantly. Our staff is cooperative, which is why the patient will be very comfortable. For more information regarding elderly care services in Peshawar, visit our services section or call us at 03 111 678 679

How can we help?

Holistic Healthcare Services offers male and female nurses on a 12-hour shift as well as a 24-hour shift. You can hire our services depending upon the requirement of the patient. You no longer need to worry because your patient will be in safe hands and will heal faster.

Hire our elderly care services in Peshawar and feel the difference yourself. If you want more details about our elderly care services, give us a call at UAN: 03 111 678 679. Be relaxed as your loved ones are now our responsibility and we will deal very nicely with them!

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