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Home Health Care Services Can Improve Quality of Life of Patients

“A person who is seen by a clinician in the comfort of home more readily trusts that the health care team places their needs first.” – Cleveland Clinical Journal

They say that “Home is where the heart is” and heart is where your family and your loved ones are. But sometimes, both of them may either be miles away or they may have some reservations or duties that make them do so.

Home Health Care Services

Home health care agency and its provided services are aimed to provide relief to individuals to improve function and to help them live with greater independence so they may be able to promote the patients ideal level of well-being. Home healthcare facilities also help in assisting the patient to remain at home, avoiding long-term hospitalization costs or those of other medical institutions. Not to forget that sometimes people choose to go for home care themselves as an option over any other coming their way as they find it more comfortable.

Home health care provides youwith any kind of aid needed at any time of the hour, even if it is an emergency. Agencies and companies providing home health care services have caregiving staff and individuals to ensure that your loved one’s complex medical needs are met. Their qualified and skilled professionals, including nurses and caregivers can assess safetyrisks and make simple corrections in the home as well according to the needs ofthe patient.

Home care also supports activities of daily living and allows individuals to receive day-to-day help with the personal care they may need, preserving their dignity and maintaining a good quality of life. These activities may include bathing, grooming, exercising, and medication reminders.

When might you need to go for Home Health Care Services?

Generally, adults of age 65 and older with chronic conditions are most likely to be not well maintained nutritionally. Aging, bed rest, illness, and injury can all lead to the loss of body mass. Home health care may include nutritional counseling and home-cooked meals to protect your loved ones against malnutrition.

If your loved one is on multiple medicine prescriptions, then it can be confusing for them to manage their medications but home health care service can ensure the right timings to control health conditions and to remind the patient to take their medication on time.

Aging people stay healthier withsocial interaction and if the person providing home health care becomes a trusted friend for walks, games, meals, and other social activities, then thereis no better companion care. Additionally, elderly people also struggle in thedaily demands of house chores, such as with laundry, dishes, and other simplechores. The best thing is that home health care helps them to maintain a safe andhealthy environment to live in.

Individuals availing home health care services have better health outcomes when compared with individuals living otherwise. A study has shown that clinical results are comparable or sometimes even better when home care assistance is provided to individuals with chronic conditions like pneumonia or diabetes. These service providers are truly unique with meaningful, personal and skilled care that builds strong bonds between experts and their patients and even their families.

Why go for home health care services?

In home health care is also an idealalternate to facility or hospital care. A good private hospital may chargeanywhere from as low as Rs. 5,000 per day to up to Rs. 10,000 or more per day. However, with home health care services, you can hire a caregiver for as low asRs. 1,000 per day or a trained staff nurse for Rs. 2,500 per day. Ourcaregiving staff and nurses and caregivers can provide up to 12 hours of dutydaily, so you can hire a carer for the day and another one for the night totake care of your patient or elderly loved one at the comfort of your home.

Home health care not justprovides quality but it also helps the patient or elderly maintain a happy, independent and stress-free life.

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