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When it comes to easing your patient’s pain and building strength after an accident, injury, or some kind of a disability, Holistic Healthcare Services is the best in the city of Faisalabad when it comes to providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in Faisalabad. We have the most competent physical therapists for patients who plan therapies according to the condition and need of the patient. Our Physiotherapists give proper time, that too one on one basis in the ambiance of your own homes.

Our physiotherapists take special care of patients who may be recovering from a certain injury or surgery and need special attention on a daily basis. They also know that along with the exercises assigned to their patients, dealing with love and care is another booster that works with these and makes the patient recover quickly.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a kind of rehab exercise that helps strengthen, stabilize and maintain balance in individuals who are physically weak. Be it after a natural disability that their muscles have become weak or it may be after an accident or illness. In both these cases, physiotherapy is useful as it helps reduce pain and helps builds strength, and improves balance and coordination.

Physiotherapy, when conducted correctly, leads to speedy recovery as patients recover faster than they were recovering before starting it.

Benefits of getting Physiotherapy Services

Living life by being dependent on someone brings down one’s morale and it is very tough to work with such patients. However, proper physiotherapy and rehabilitation can help patients recover faster. Here are some of the benefits you can gain with regular physio sessions.

  • Physiotherapy is one such exercise that helps boost not just their self-esteem but helps patients regain their mobility independently.
  • It helps strengthen muscles and maintain body balance, which may have been weakened due to any mishap or due to an illness naturally.
  • Physiotherapy also improves daily functioning which may include feeding, dressing, bathing, climbing stairs one by one, or climbing with a light foot, etc.
  • It is a better way of recovery from any physical injury than any other treatment possible.

How can we help?

Holistic Healthcare Services has been treating its chronically ill patients, elderly seniors, and disabled patients for more than 11 years. We have been serving our patients with utmost determination and professionalism. We have certified and qualified physiotherapists available in Faisalabad who are equally competent and skilled to provide any kind of therapy your patient might need. Some of the therapies that we offer include:

  • Knee physiotherapy
  • Stroke physiotherapy
  • Frozen shoulder physiotherapy and more

Our physiotherapists are capable of not just providing the best physiotherapy sessions in town but they also make their patients so optimistic, that they tend to enjoy their therapies every day and their willpower to stand on their own feet is doubled.

Contact us for Physiotherapy in Faisalabad

If you are looking for a professional physiotherapist for your patient to come and conduct sessions at your own home, then you have landed at the right place because we are one of the pioneers in this field. We are capable of mobilizing an immobile patient, a stiff shoulder to a flexible one, and an off-balance individual to a balanced individual.

To know more about our physiotherapy services available in Faisalabad, call 03 111 678 679 and embark on the road to recovery.

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