Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services: Deception or Necessity

Physiotherapy as People see it:

When we think of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services, we all think that only people with severe injuries need it. However, that is not true at all. Physiotherapy is a vital treatment service for more reasons than we can think. Something as huge as paralysis to something as little as back pain may require physiotherapy. The concept of physiotherapy is deeply misunderstood.

People think, why should they look for the best physiotherapists in the world if they can do a little exercise on their own? Well, physiotherapy is more than just exercises. And engaging in exercises to treat yourself without the consultation of a physiotherapist can cause major physical issues. It’s very common that people end up damaging their muscles in the pursuit of exercising to eradicate pain or stiffness in various body parts.

This is why the expertise of physiotherapists is required greatly to first analyze and treat the patient accordingly. Therefore, it is safe to say that physiotherapy is a necessity and not a deception. If physiotherapy was a scam the entire procedure would have been shut down many years ago. But since people have been seeing effective results and getting the desired relief from pain, they still keep recommending it. Apart from all this, let’s first take a brief look at what physiotherapy is?

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services:

Physiotherapy is a well-known therapeutic approach that focuses on improving a person’s natural movement and function. It is necessary to administer it to patients after a surgical treatment or injury for them to recuperate effectively. Professional physiotherapists provide physiotherapy in private clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Physiotherapy is a broad discipline of medicine that encompasses a wide range of topics. There are 206 bones in the human body, with up to 360 joints. Any type of injury may quickly destroy a joint, making it impossible for a person to move or function properly. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services has its four characteristic types. Namely, neurological physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, geriatric physiotherapy, and pediatric physiotherapy. 

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The Importance of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services:

But why is physiotherapy really important? Let us discuss a few reasons why physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are more important than we think they are.

Pain Relief:

One of the most effective ways of dealing with pain in various body parts is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy may help with pain management in a variety of situations. Such as chronic pain due to an accident or injury, stiffness of muscles, tissue tearing, etc. Ultrasound, taping, or electrical stimulation are common procedures that physiotherapists use to cure various kinds of pain.

Treatment without surgery:

Physiotherapy greatly reduces the chances of having to go through unnecessary surgical procedures. In cases that surgery becomes essential, pre-surgical physical rehabilitation may be beneficial. In many cases, going into surgery stronger and in better shape will help you heal faster. Furthermore, avoiding surgery reduces healthcare expenditures.

Better Mobility:

Usually, the people who find it troublesome to walk, stand and move can be cured with physiotherapy. Physiotherapy exercises such as stretching aids in the restoration of proper mobility and movement. In other words, physiotherapy is the best way to strengthen mobility.

Rehabilitation from a Stroke:

When a person recovers from a stroke, their movement and mobility are usually affected. It causes them a lot of trouble to regain control of their movement and body parts in time. However, physiotherapy can help speed up the process of healing. Physiotherapists use their expertise to help stroke patients become more self-dependent and easily move from one place to another.

Better Balance:

People struggling with issues of balancing their movement and walking and standing without falling can be treated with physiotherapy. Physiotherapists help the patients to engage in various exercises to build proper balancing. Physical therapists can employ specific motions to quickly restore proper vestibular function and significantly reduce dizziness or disorientation symptoms.

Vascular Conditions and Diabetes:

Diabetes can give birth to many other ailments, such as the frozen shoulder. Physiotherapy can help a patient recover from the conditions that arise with diabetes. Moreover, exercising can help regulate and maintain blood sugar levels.

Age-Related Conditions: 

As a person grows old, so does his body. With this growth new problems take place. These problems can limit a person from performing basic daily functions. Arthritis and osteoporosis are the main conditions that people usually fall victim to. Physiotherapy can help the person recover from these conditions as they can end up being extremely painful.

Cardiovascular Diseases:

Physiotherapy becomes essential after a heart attack or any other heart-related procedure. Sometimes, daily functioning becomes difficult after going through heart disease. Physiotherapy helps regulate proper blood flow and decreases the risk of future diseases.

Misconceptions that stop people from getting Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services :

Apart from all the benefits listed above, to why physiotherapy is important. Some people still find it difficult to consult physiotherapists in times of need. A lot of misunderstandings can contribute to why people are afraid of seeing a physiotherapist. Such as,

  • Pain

People are usually afraid that undergoing physiotherapy would cause them more pain and would be difficult for them to carry out the entire procedure. What people don’t know is that physiotherapy only helps reduce pain and does not contribute to its increment.

  • Time

People think they are not ready for a commitment such as going to see the physiotherapy multiple times a week for months. Physiotherapy sessions do not consist of 3-4 visits to the clinic every week. Moreover, physiotherapy can also be done at home. other than that, people usually think that physiotherapy is a great hassle because of the endless hours of exercising they’ll have to go through. which is another misconception. Physiotherapy is not like going to the gym.

  • Ignorance is bliss

Another major reason why people tend to avoid physiotherapists is that they think if they avoid thinking about their pain, it’ll just go away on its own. This manner of thinking can cause many underlying problems to overgrow and create a problem even worse. This is why it is completely essential to get a checkup if something feels off.

  • The expenditure

People think physiotherapy sessions are extremely expensive and unaffordable. However, in reality, avoiding getting physiotherapy can cause conditions to worsen to the point of surgery or taking medications. Which, of course, is even more expensive.

  • I can do it on my own

People think that spending money on doing a bunch of exercises is pointless. They think, that they can easily find stretches and exercises on the internet and be good to go. Following procedures and instructions related to health from the internet can be harmful since they don’t have a proper source. Consulting with a physiotherapist is the only best way to go with.

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When Should I See a Physiotherapist?

Getting good physiotherapy at the correct moment might help a person avoid a slew of illnesses and diseases in the future. Most people are strongly advised to get Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services after getting surgery or even to prevent surgery in the first place. Here are some of the signs that you need to see a physiotherapist:

  • You have started experiencing balance loss and it is hard to walk without falling on one side.
  • Feeling excessive pain in the head and back while sitting on your desk for long.
  • Being in constant pain for a significant amount of time.
  • Facing difficulty in moving from one place to another and having issues with body flexibility.
  • Uncontrollable urination is another sign that an issue in your body needs immediate attention.

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