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When someone is ill for a long period of time, is suffering from a disease, is met by an accident, or has a disability by birth, physiotherapy works as a savior for these patients. The trained and qualified physiotherapists at Holistic Healthcare Services have been helping such patients for over a decade and we are delighted to announce that now we offer physiotherapy services to patients at their homes in Gujranwala as well.

We have extremely competent, skilled, and qualified physiotherapists who have extensive knowledge and are trained and educated to meet the demands and needs of patients in their homes in Gujranwala. They know how to ease pain and help build strength and improve mobility of the patient. Holistic Healthcare Services has always felt proud in providing health services of premium quality. Our physiotherapists are among the most competent ones in town.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are a process of relieving chronic or acute pain from the patients’ bodies so they feel relaxed and in less pain. This involves a lot of techniques and hands-on experience of the one who is performing physical therapy on the patient, also known as a physiotherapist. It is one-of-a-kind rehab therapy that does not involve any oral medication. In fact, physical therapy is enough to make the patient pain-free and mobile. Techniques might differ for different parts of the body but they all focus on the relaxation of the joints and muscles.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, paces up its speed if done regularly. A patient must take maximum advantage of this treatment, as timing plays a significant role. Physiotherapy comes with a number of benefits for its patients, some of which might include:

  • Helps in Regaining Confidence
  • Prevents further Damage
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • Better Movement
  • Enhances Endurance to Pain
  • Freedom of Function
  • General Wellness
  • Improved Daily Functioning

What do we offer with Physiotherapy Services in Gujranwala?

We offer quality and commitment to our work. We make sure that our patients are relaxed each time they are done with our physiotherapy sessions. We are very happy to mention that once our clients take therapy sessions with us, they recommend us to their relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Patients are relieved from pain, be it due to stiffness in the neck or muscular stiffness. Our physiotherapists are highly professional in their field of work and offer various kinds of physiotherapy services including:

  • Knee physiotherapy
  • Stroke physiotherapy
  • Frozen shoulder physiotherapy and more

All these services are extremely efficient and help the patient relax. It is all about the quality of therapies and we never compromise on them.

Contact us for Physiotherapy Services in Gujranwala

Holistic Healthcare Services should be on your priority list when looking for a professional and qualified physiotherapist for your loved one. We offer physiotherapy services on a per session basis depending on the condition of your patient.

For more information and queries on our physiotherapy services in Gujranwala, you may call UAN # 03 111 678 679 to talk with our healthcare provider.

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