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Physiotherapy sessions at home

Holistic Healthcare Services has started providing its reliable physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in Karachi city now, where you can benefit from our expert physiotherapists in the comfort of your own home. Our Certified and skillful Male and Female Physiotherapists are aware of advanced techniques and methods to help you regain your mobility. You can now contact from all areas of Karachi to have our Physiotherapy Service at your doorstep. After our therapy sessions, the outcome has tremendous results, and our patients turned out to be more satisfied than ever before.

We provide Physiotherapy Services to adults, youngsters, and kids, whether they are chronically ill or physically disabled, or Injured. ‘Holistic healthcare Services’ trains its physiotherapists to deal with all sorts of patients. Our  Physiotherapy sessions at home are beneficial to all those who are homebound or do not have the means to outpatient service facilities and mainly to those who face difficulty visiting a hospital or rehabilitation center due to their mobility issue. So, we send therapists in the comfort of your own home to mitigate your risk of unsafe travel. Also, Holistic Healthcare Services understands that its patients and their families are concerned with reliability and trust. So, we deploy the most trustworthy and reliable people in your home after getting them verified thoroughly. Having regular physiotherapy sessions through our expert and experienced physiotherapists can help increase patient’s mobility and flexibility.

Wherever you are located in Karachi, you can book our Physiotherapy Treatment at home for all those patients who are immobilized due to any condition. Whether you are suffering from Fractures, Knee Injuries, Joint Replacement, Knee replacement, Concussions, Back pain, Neck pain, Immobility due to stroke, and any Neurological Trauma, Arthritis, or Osteoporosis, we are always near you to serve you with our best therapists. They visit your home to thoroughly assess the patient’s condition and then plan customized Physiotherapy sessions to help your child or elderly patient to relearn basic and complex bodily movements. And to restore and maintain normal mobility and proper functioning of your body.

Our therapists do not only provide the best therapy in Karachi, but they also make efforts to boost patient’s confidence levels for a faster recovery process. They encourage patients to have an overall improved and changed lifestyle in the comfort of their own home, further reducing the risk of having any such injuries.

If you are looking for a professional physiotherapist to come to your place to provide regular therapy sessions, you have landed at the right place because we are one of the pioneers in this field. Get our best physiotherapist at home to gain your mobility and strength back, which has weakened due to any mishap or developmental problem.

How Do Physiotherapy Services in Karachi Work?

Before starting a Physiotherapy service at your home, one of our physiotherapists near you will visit your place. He or She will assess the patient’s condition and tell how many minimum sessions are required for recovery. Once you are satisfied with our therapist, you confirm your affirmation by sending us a text/WhatsApp message with details such as the Patient’s Name, Contact Person’s Name, and Complete Address where services are required.

After your query is generated, we require 12 to 24 hours to start at-home services at your specified address. The company will create a WhatsApp group with the patient’s family and our Managers to have effective communication regarding service feedback, accounts, and other essential matters.

To know more about our physiotherapy service in Karachi, call 03-111-678-679 and embark on the road to recovery.

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