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Holistic Healthcare Services provides Physiotherapy Services to patients at their homes in Lahore. Getting physiotherapy services in Lahore at home is crucial for patients because it is not easy for them to travel and visit around for their physio sessions regularly. Moreover, people do not give a lot of importance to physiotherapy, when in fact, it is the most essential element in the healing process of a patient. The main aim of the company is quite clear and that is to serve our patients and to meet their needs.

Being a certified healthcare provider company in Pakistan, we have earned a good name and reputation and have a great team to assist us in providing quality healthcare services to our patients. Our well-managed and well-trained team has great knowledge about how to treat our patients, whether they are young or old.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy helps patients in restoring and maintaining their strength as well as movement. Apart from this, physiotherapy might also include rehabilitation that the patient might have suffered. Physiotherapy sessions will heal all these problems though it will take some time for the patient to come back on their feet.

We have trained male and female staff that is capable of providing physiotherapy sessions to our patients. Not only this, but we provide our staff with good training according to the latest methods and teach them how to handle any medical equipment and devices that may be required during the physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

What we do?

It all depends upon the patient’s wish whether they want to get their physiotherapy sessions done at the hospital or at their own home. We provide Physiotherapy Services at home by sending a trusted staff member who then deals with the patient. These physiotherapy sessions will provide patients with the freedom of mobility especially if they get the sessions regularly. These exercises will improve their muscle strength, improve flexibility, build endurance, help maintain their balance as well as solve a lot of other problems the patient might be facing.

As soon as you hire our physiotherapy services, our staff will be at your doorstep and ready to assist the patient. They will make the patient exercise and give special attention to elderly patients. This is because they require more effort since their muscles may be weak due to injury or due to the age factor. These physiotherapy sessions will provide a lot of relief from muscle spasms, numbness, and stiffness of the muscles as well as give a lot of relief from pain. It is much better to exercise and keep your muscles functioning rather than making them stiff and nonfunctional!

Get Physiotherapy Services in Lahore

Holistic Healthcare Services has male and female physiotherapists and nurses to provide quality services to our patients. We provide shifts in two slots; one is a 12-hour shift and one is for 24-hours. The only thing that you need to do is to call us and book the service you want. In order to find out about our Physiotherapy Services in Lahore, call UAN # 03 111 678 679.
You no longer need to worry as we are here at your service and we assure you that we will make your patient moving again with ease. Trust us and we will serve you! Apart from providing physiotherapy and healthcare services, we also provide the best home care services to patients.

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