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For several years, Holistic Healthcare Services has been providing professional physiotherapy services to patients in Rawalpindi in the comfort of their homes. Initially, these services were only offered in the city of Lahore but now we have expanded and started providing our services in Rawalpindi as well. We have experienced, trained, and certified physiotherapists who know how to look after the needs of patients depending on their current condition.

Our physiotherapists are equally skilled and committed to their work and we take every effort to make your loved ones satisfied. We have both male and female physiotherapists to provide services to patients. Physiotherapy sessions are usually required after an injury due to trauma or accident, any kind of disability, or surgery. Our physiotherapists and their staff know all about our patients and they are equipped with state-of-the-art techniques to make your patient feel better at home.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a type of physical exercise performed to ease the pain of patients suffering from any physical disability, injury or provide support after surgery. It plays a vital role in relieving pain, supporting muscle spasms, easing muscular contractions, stiffness, and numbness. Physiotherapy is as important for a patient who needs it as their oral medication.

Benefits of physiotherapy services

The best and the most important benefit of taking physiotherapy services at home in Rawalpindi is that they assist a patient in mobilizing their body independently. The posture of the individual taking these sessions tends to improve as well as their flexibility. It also serves as a boost up for the self-esteem of the patients, as it supports in better movement of the body parts, which may have been immobile earlier.

What do we offer with Physiotherapy Services in Rawalpindi?

Be it about immobilization of specific parts of the patient’s body after surgery, any accident or disability, physiotherapists at Holistic Healthcare Services are impeccable in their field of work. They not only support in mobilizing them but also help in regaining your loved one’s confidence in helping them live their life as normal as they can. We aim to ease the pain of your patient and offer a range of therapies. A few of them are:

Physiotherapy services offered by our firm are considered as one of the finest rehab services in Rawalpindi. We are there for your loved ones to achieve their full potential in order to make them live their lives as easily as they can. Our dedicated and proficiently trained physiotherapists ease the patient’s pain from any part of the body that aches and increase the functional ability of the patient.

Contact us for Physiotherapy Services in Rawalpindi

If your loved one is suffering from any chronic illness, disability, or injury that hurts and you cannot see your loved one in this condition, then you can contact the skilled and trained physiotherapists at Holistic Healthcare Services. We are the optimum home physiotherapy service provider in Rawalpindi. We make sure that full attention is being paid to each patient and they are given therapies as per their condition status. We focus on satisfying our patients and treating all our patients equally regardless of their color, caste, and creed.

We offer physiotherapy and rehabilitation services on a per session basis depending on the requirements and the condition of your patient. The physiotherapy sessions can be taken daily on an hourly basis and can be provided on stretched hours if needed. Call UAN: 03 111 678 679 if you have more queries about our physiotherapy services in Rawalpindi.

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