Our Qualified Nurses Provide Intensive Care to Patients at Home

Are You Looking for a Qualified Nurse to Provide Intensive Care at Home?

Holistic Healthcare Services has qualified nurses capable enough to provide Intensive Care to patients at their homes. Our intensive care service will greatly benefit not only those patients who want extra care at their home, but also their family members as they will not have to worry about the patient. Let our qualified nurse take care of your loved one. We take pride in introducing this service in major cities including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and surrounding cities.

In order to provide intensive care services to patients at their homes, we have a range of qualified nurses who work with determination. These nurses have valuable education and training which is required to tackle patients who are critically ill.

What is Intensive Care?

Intensive care means the treatment and monitoring of a patient who is critically ill and might be breathing his last few breaths in life. Intensive care at home means providing an ICU setting at the home to meet the needs of the patient.

This might seem unusual but there are patients who prefer getting treated at home. This might also be a common cause for someone who has been battling with a constant illness for many years. An intensive care unit at home is beneficial for such a patient because the hospital can get very expensive very fast. Even for family members, it can be a huge sigh of relief as they would be relieved of the duty of visiting the hospital again and again. Moreover, their loved ones will be right in front of their eyes at all times.

What do we do?

Holistic Healthcare Services is providing a great platform for patients who want to get treated at home. You can hire our services any time of the day or night and we will employ a member of our nursing staff to take care of your patient.

The nurse would then completely look after the patients’ needs. The nurse would monitor the condition of the patient, look after their medical routine, the food they eat, their cleanliness, their appointments to the doctor, providing them with the company, educating the family members about the condition of the patient, and much more.

From the time you hire our services, you will be completely rid of the responsibility of your loved ones. It will be upon us to treat the patient with the utmost care and love. Whether it is an elderly patient, a small child, a mentally disabled person, or a physically disabled patient, our staff knows how to manage the patient.

How can we help?

In order to get intensive care service at home, we provide qualified nurses who willingly offer their services. You can hire our services on a day or night basis. If you want to find details about our intensive care services, call us at 03 111 678 679.

You can easily trust our services because we assure you that our staff is extremely reliable and trained. Your patient will be taken care of quite properly and you will find no complaints therein. Hire our services and give the best treatment for your loved one before it is too late!

Call Call us today at 03 111 678 679 to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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