Role of Nurses in Home Patient Care

The responsibility of someone giving home patient care is bigger than what they would have to deal with in a hospital. In hospitals, they have every facility to deal with in case of emergencies and otherwise as well, but in homes, they don’t have access to every machinery or equipment that might be helpful in case of an emergency. Nevertheless, nurses are a huge part of home patient care and their efforts and services should always be appreciated.

Many patients don’t like it in the hospital and they prefer to get treatment in their homes whereas some have to get treatment at their home because they have no other choice. Patients could be suffering from different health issues, such as a disability, chronic illness, or mental disability. There is a wide range of responsibilities or roles that a nurse has to fulfill and almost all of them are applied to all kinds of nurses.

Full Knowledge of Patient

A significant role of a nurse is knowing all about their patient to improve their bond with the patient. A great nurse is one who knows what has happened in the past and what can happen to the individual they are taking care of. Patient teaching or patient knowledge is a very important part of home patient care. If necessary, and with the consent of the family, the family should also be involved when getting information regarding a patient. It is important to make sure the family and patient understand what kind of treatment the patient might get, as well as why and what type of results they should expect.

Outstanding Communicator

The first and foremost role of a nurse must be that he or she should be a brilliant communicator. They should have excellent communication skills that enable them to understand the needs of elderly patients or patients who are speech impaired or who cannot deliver what they actually want to say. They should recognize the frustration a patient must be going through who is totally home grounded or cannot move about himself.

Management Skills

The nurse should have efficient management skills as they have to manage all the things related to the patient side by side. A nurse should maintain a diary to note down the patient’s medication routine, his medical check-ups dates, exercises that are recommended by their physicians, their daily walk routine (if any). On top of all, the nurse should be able to manage and monitor the hygienic conditions of the patient every day. Keeping the patient as well as his surroundings clean is one of the primary steps in looking after a patient.

Skilled Coordinator

A nurse should have good coordination skills as well. A home patient care nurse will often have the responsibility of coordinating with the patient’s physicians or doctors depending on the patient’s progress and their medical reports. Moreover, since the nurse usually is in the same home, they may need to coordinate care with the patient’s doctors, family therapist, and any personnel (relative/ friend) involved in the patient’s care.

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