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Seek Medical Assistance for an Elderly Patient

People who serve as helpers in the healthcare industry must be well-prepped to handle whatever issues that come their way. Training and learning of medical assistants should involve developing skills that are needed to deal with elderly care of patients effectively.

The job of a medical assistant is a tough one, especially when patient care services are required for elderly people, the difficulty increases double-fold. Aged people have special needs and medical assistants face special challenges while providing them with the patient care services they need. Some aged people have impaired hearing and vision issues, memory problems, muscle weakness, balance-related issues, along with emotional issues. With all of these issues, medical assistants should provide their services with extreme care.

Medical assistants should ensure routine medical examinations of the patient or elderly person. Their topmost priority should be to take notes for their patient and keep any critical patient interactions into account. There is also a need to thoroughly understand the challenges of older men and women before you start dealing with them. Our elder care and nursing staff at Holistic Healthcare Services is equipped to take care of all this and more.

Strategies Deployed to Care for Elderly

There are some strategies that should be kept under consideration in order to deal with the elderly in an effective way. These are given below:

Be Patient with the Elderly – Elder people require more time to get things done. They have different muscle problems along with difficulty in understanding and learning new things. They do not adapt to change that quickly and become nervous. Keeping all of these things in consideration, do not try to rush them into doing things. Always expect them to take more time than usual.

Provide them Physical Assistance – They should be helped with almost everything and provided physical assistance gently. They may have difficulty walking to the examination room, removing clothes, and lying down on the examination table. A trained medical assistant should know how to provide gentle physical assistance.

Proper Communication

Communicating with the elders requires you to be polite and patient. It is evident that elders take more time to process information than their young counterparts. Speak slowly and use simpler sentences in order for effective communication with elderly people. Some other things that you need to consider to make your communication even more effective with the elderly person include:

  • Maintaining proper eye contact
  • Being a good listener
  • Speaking politely

These communication skills are vital when dealing with any patient, particularly, in the case of elderly patients. All of these skills help enhance the feelings of the elderly patient and will make them feel cared for and loved.

Minimize Distractions

Make sure that the room and its surroundings are quiet and free of distractions for the elderly. This will give them the feeling that they need to be attentive towards you only.

Elder people require a lot more care and attention as compared to young patients. However, it should be known that every person has a different nature and their needs vary accordingly. A medical assistant should learn to assess someone’s vital needs and behavioral patterns as early as possible.

Our caregiving staff and health care professionals at Holistic Healthcare Services know how to take care of elderly, disabled, and bedridden patients. Give us a call us at 03 111 678 679 to know more about what we have to offer.

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