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What Are Physiotherapy And Neurological Physiotherapy?

Best physiotherapist in Lahore is one of the most frequently practiced treatment approaches. It is directed at improving the appropriate functionality and mobility of a person’s muscles and bodily functions. Physiotherapy treatments are provided by professional physiotherapists at home, in clinics, hospitals, and rehabilitation institutions.

One of the major subcategories of physiotherapy includes neurological physiotherapy. Damage or impairments in the brain, spinal cord, or anyplace else in the nervous system are the most common causes of neurological issues. Therefore, neurological physiotherapy seeks to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from neurological disorders with the help of physiotherapy.

Conditions That May Require Neurological Physiotherapy

Various neurological conditions may require neurological physiotherapy to enhance proper mobility and working of the body. Following are some of the conditions that may require neurological physiotherapy.

  • STROKE:  The disruption of blood flow from the heart to the brain is one of the primary causes of stroke.

This prevents the tissues of the brain from receiving an adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen. Hence, the brain cells begin degenerating and dying resulting in a stroke.

  • BRAIN INJURY: Any sort of sudden injury to the brain can lead to disability and conditions that require physiotherapy. Moreover, a sudden shock or blow on the head can result in these injures. Heavy accidents, car crashes, and falling are one of the main causes.
  • SPINAL CORD INJURY: A spinal cord injury can develop from a simple lesion to any section of the spinal cord or the nerves that run through it. The neurological system would not be complete without the spinal cord. As a result, neurological problems affecting the spinal cord may occur.
  • MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: This chronic condition develops when the body’s immune system attacks and affects the nerve fibers and myelin covering the brain and spinal cord.
  • PARKINSON’S DISEASE: This disease occurs when a person starts to lose the neurons and nerve cells present in a specific part of the brain called the substantia nigra. Hence, this disease causes the person to lose bodily functions one after another until movement becomes exceptionally difficult.
  • ATAXIA: The presence of aberrant, uncoordinated movements is often classified as ataxia. Neurological physiotherapy helps greatly in reviving proper movement and bodily functions.

What Are The Benefits Of Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy consists of a wide range of exercises and rehabilitation that helps a person recover from neurological conditions and disorders.

  • Neurological physiotherapy helps greatly in the reviving of proper balance and mobility of a person. it helps the person to easily coordinate their movement and get a hold of their actions.
  • It helps in improving the walking patterns and flexibility of a person. Neurological physiotherapy can bring about a steady and consistent improvement.
  • Neurological physiotherapy aids in the improvement of optimal function in afflicted regions of the body.
  • It helps greatly in building better stamina and endurance of pain in the body.
  • Some neurological diseases can’t be cured. Neurological physiotherapy helps slow down the disease’s process affecting the body.
  • This type of physiotherapy also helps build improved muscle strength and increase the range of movement within a person.
  • Neurological conditions can also result in the development of chest infections and difficulty in breathing. However, neurological physiotherapy helps enhance breathing and reduces the stress from the lungs.

Can A Person Get Neurological Physiotherapy At Home?

Physiotherapy of any sort may be simply provided at home. In at-home physiotherapy, the physiotherapist comes over to the house of the patient requiring physiotherapy. Furthermore, they can also bring in the equipment required to carry out the process of physiotherapy. Commonly, people prefer to get the Best physiotherapist in Lahore at home than in clinics and hospitals.

 Finding the best physiotherapist in Lahore At Home

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