Common Questions About Speech Therapy

What Is Speech Therapy And How Can It Be Provided At Home?

Speech therapy is one of the most common techniques that help in the development and enhancement of proper speech. Some people struggle with the pronunciation of various words, talking fluently, and various other conditions. Speech therapy is solely provided for this purpose. In most cases, children under the age of 10 years require speech therapy if they can’t communicate without struggling. However, under certain circumstances, adults may require it as well. Professionally trained speech and language pathologists provide speech therapy to people of all ages in various settings. Such as clinics, hospitals, homes, etc.

As mentioned above, speech therapy is a very common practice and it can easily be provided at home. A speech therapist does not require tools and heavy equipment for it to work. It simply encompasses a few normal exercises that anyone can perform with great ease. If speech therapy was difficult to perform, then it wouldn’t have been common among children, especially toddlers. Speech therapist is also provided in some schools for children who lack proper communication skills. So why would speech therapy not be provided easily at home?

Is Speech Therapy Hard And Time-consuming?

The answer to this question depends on what condition a person is dealing with. There is no definite time in which a person can get treated. Some people pick up on the treatment quickly however, others can be a bit slow of learners and require more time. However, several factors directly affect the rate at which a person’s progress rate can depend. This includes the severity of the person’s disorder, whether or not that person is suffering from any learning or behavioral disorders, and how efficient the speech therapist is. Every change requires time

Communication involves a great deal of attention. Without paying proper attention it gets really hard to understand what the other person is trying to say. Similarly, in order to have better results of speech therapy a lot of attention is required. However, speech therapy is not a difficult process to go through, but it still asks for determination and attention. If your child has trouble paying attention and is receiving speech-language therapy, your therapist may include increased attention as a goal in their treatment plan. This helps build a sense of attentiveness in the child which greatly helps in the progression of the treatment.

What Are Some Easy Speech Therapy Exercises To Try Right Now?

Although, consulting with a speech therapist before starting any speech therapy plan is advised. However, there are a few speech-therapy exercises that can easily be practiced at home with your children.

  • IN-AND-OUT OF THE TONGUE: Pull your tongue back in after 2 seconds of sticking it out. Repeat for a total of 2 seconds. This process can help your tongue to produce coordinated movement.
  • SIDE-TO-SIDE TONGUE MOTION: To perform this, simply touch the corners of your mouth with your tongue. Hold your tongue in one corner for a maximum of 2 seconds before moving on to the next.
  • UP-AND-DOWN TONGUE MOTION: For this try to reach your nose with your tongue. After 2 seconds repeat the process but towards your chin.
  • REPETITION OF CONSONANT AND VOWEL PAIRING: After the basic exercises there are some complex ones. For this exercise choose any one consonant that you have difficulty pronouncing. After that use the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and pair them with the consonant. In the case of the consonant s, it should go like, sa, se, si, so, su.
  • DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES FOR PRODUCING SENTENCES: Practicing simple sentence production can help in developing fluency as well. For this purpose, read sentences out loud.
  • PROCESSING PHONOLOGICALLY: This can be a fun game. In order to play, choose any long word such as “therapy”. Then try to guess how many syllables does that word has. 

Finding A Qualified Speech Therapist In Lahore

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