What is Elder care? What are the types of Elder care?

Elder care can be defined as the care for elderly people who are not able to take care of themselves. It is also known as senior care or respite care. It is one thing to be aware of the fact that an elder requires care. However, it is another thing to figure out how to make arrangements for the care of elderly people.

What are the types of elderly care?

There are many different types of elder care all around the world. Each and every type of care has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Let us have a look at some of the types of elderly care:

In home care provided by family

Care provided by the family may be divided into two parts. One would be that the elderly people live in their homes and their family members take care of them. However, there will still be a great need to hire a professional worker to assist the elderly, especially at the time when the family members are not available. Housekeepers will help and assist the elderly by washing and ironing their clothes and meeting their basic needs, whereas the caregiver will take care of the personal needs of the elderly, such as changing their clothes, helping them eat food, bathing them and so on.

Caregivers assist the elderly with much deeper and intense care for instance washing or bathing them, as well as listening to their grievances etc.

In severe cases when the elderly person is incapable to do even normal tasks and is ill, there may be a need to hire a professional and certified nurse to do the job.

Adult day programs

As the name suggests, the adult day program is a facility where one would need to enroll their elders for specific hours every day. These kinds of organizations are managed by professionals who organize events and social programs for the entertainment and enjoyment of elderly people.

Independent living facilities

An Independent living facility is an opportunity for elderly people to buy an apartment on rent in a community where they are provided with social activities as well as a few other services. This might be an excellent way for elderly people to overcome their depression and isolation and an opportunity to interact with many people. However, this trend is not very common here in Pakistan yet.

Nursing homes for elder care

In nursing homes, care is provided to elderly people 24/7. These nursing homes are run by expert health professionals who have legal licenses. All kinds of housekeeping services, personal services, and meals are included in nursing homes. It is a kind of home for elderly people who have to live there until it is their need.

Nursing homes are also equipped with physical therapists and speech therapists. These therapists offer their services to elderly people who require their services. Many nursing homes are non-profit organizations run on charities for the welfare of those who are disabled as well as the elderly.

Holistic Healthcare Services is also running an old age home for elderly people in Raiwind, Lahore, by the name The Second Home, formerly known as Fraternity Old Age Home. Our old age home is equipped with private rooms for the elderly, and also has a lobby, library, TV lounge, dining hall, lawn, and an area to play games and relax. Our medical staff is available at the old age home 24/7 including staff nurses, caregivers, and physiotherapists. For more details and information, call 03 111 678 679

Dementia care for the elderly

Dementia care for the elderly deals with those who have Alzheimer’s disease. In this type of facility, care is provided to the elderly by expert nurses or doctors which include medication and other necessary assistance to help them combat their disease.

Elder care is common all around the world. However, it does not have to do with aging all the time. It can be due to physical limitations as well as diseases and companionship required in old age.

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