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Being a male nurse means being a medical caretaker, who is a medical attendant just like a female nurse doing her job. The involvement of a trained and professional male nurse has an influence or capacity to impact any patient’s medical clinic stays, medical procedures or treatments as well as the general synopsis of a patient.

Despite the high demand for male nurses in the healthcare sector, males hesitate to choose this profession as females are still a dominant part of this sector. Nurses are considered as the “angels” in sickness regardless of their color, creed or gender. However, this trend has started to change with time.

Benefits of a Male nurse

A male nurse is as efficient as a female nurse, can be a little stronger physically, but remains equal on competency level. They never leave their patient, what so ever the circumstances, even when the patient is feeling a bit awkward being treated by a male nurse. They tend to act normally so the patient feels comfortable as well. Getting help from a male nurse comes with a number of benefits. The male nurse can look after an elderly patient, and even provide patient care services at home.

Builds Friendly Environment

Male nurses, although have a lower percentage of role to play in the profession, always trigger interest in patients, which pledges to new communications between the patient and nurses. This promotes an atmosphere where interactions are encouraged. The patients feel comfortable and the nurse becomes more trustworthy for the job. The patients then tend to open up with the nurse or caregiver, which helps in treatment as well.

Higher Expectations

Being a male nurse means dealing with extra challenges and extra efforts. Since the nursing field is dominated by females, male nurses often feel they have to struggle more diligently just to demonstrate their competency. However, in order to remain in the field, male nurses tend to work with more willpower and efficiency.

Physically Strong

Generally, males are physically more grounded than females. They are seen to have prominent physical qualities that make an understanding of them to do all the hard work, particularly without getting help. Moreover, they can sometimes handle situations all alone. They are not forced or encouraged to join the nursing profession, but now they are in the race to break this stereotype and would work for gender equality in the nursing field.

Equal Benefits as those of Females

A male medical attendant or nurse shares almost the same benefits as those of a female nurse. Demonstrations of teamwork and association by a male or female nurse is what makes the nursing profession loveable. A nursing profession converts into their second family, and they may gradually turn into your companion. When female and male nurses work together, they build a bond that becomes stronger by working as a team.

There are numerous male and female nurses working together in hospitals all over the world. The same is the case in Pakistan. Male nurses also provide services to patients and the elderly in their homes. This is what we at Holistic Healthcare Services have been doing since the last 10 years. Give us a call at 03 111 678 679 to get the services of a male nurse for your elderly patient. We will be happy to assist.

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